Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is It Naptime Yet?

I am so dragging ass today. Every year I forget how tiring it is re-entering the school year. The activity level around the house rises, I can't ease into my day, and the evenings are marred by the constant low level dread of homework needing to be attended to. Homework is just killer.
As a result, I haven't done much reading. I'm actually still working on The Perfect Play. Well, that and lots of magazines lately, which feel more manageble to me in the small chunks of time I have for reading.
Also, my oldest son and his little family have been over several evenings this week. Having him there is not the problem...or not "problem"....thats not the word I want...but his girlfriend and the baby are quite time consuming. She is so happy to have someone pay attention to the baby and give her a little break, that it is impossible to ignore them and go about my business. Of course, much more of these long visits and I may find myself hardening my heart.
I had so much to do on my day off yesterday, but got virtually none of it done. Now, I am faced with a Sunday of stuff I wish were over with :-)

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