Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And We - We Got Upsot

Ho Ho Ho and a very Happy Choose and Defend Wednesday to you! By next Wednesday, it will actually be Christmas. Therefore, today seemed like a good day to do a very Christmas-y Choose and Defend. Let's say you want to gather together some neighbors, friends, relatives...whatever. Which of these activities would you Choose to do?



Cookie Exchange
Perhaps you are a very social person and have both of these activities scheduled and more! In that case, simply Choose your favorite out of the two and tell us why it is your favorite (Defend). Perhaps you don't care for social activities and these both sound awful. In that case, simply Choose the least objectionable of the two and tell us why it is your least objectionable (Defend). It is just that easy to Choose and Defend! Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I would rather eat broken glass than sing in front of other humans.

And speaking of broken glass, it's a terrible decoration for holiday cookies. That's a mistake I won't make twice.

Cookie exchange I am choosing, mmm?

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm happy to sing Christmas songs when it's called for, but I'm not really all that comfortable singling in a small group. This is a tough one for me, though, because I really don't like baking cookies. It bores me and then I let them get burned. But still, of the two social activities, I'd rather do the cookie exchange. There'd be wine with that, right?

FW said...

Have a very happy Christmas LB!
My festive choice will be to sing, I actually would prefer cookie exchange but the part of me that says I'm eating too much lately is policing this decision!

laura b. said...

James: I should take that same attitude, as my singing is truly awful ;)haha! I am going to tactfully avoid your cookies at the exchange...Cookie Exchange One For.

Secret: They are too simple for a chef extraordinaire like you! But come and you will certainly be given some nice red wine :) Two for Cookie Exchange.

FW: haha! We all feel that way...especially at this time of year. Our library board brought us cookies EVERY DAY last week! One for Caroling.

Everyone: Caroling trails Cookie Exchange by a narrow margin of 1-2. Anyone else want to make a festive choice? Please do!