Monday, December 2, 2013

I Was Nowhere in Sight When the Church Bells Rang

It is Monday, but don't despair. I am finally getting to my Saturday Scavenger Shots post. Thanks to the long weekend I avoid much internetting over the past four days. Now I am back to the grind and back to the fun of blogs and such.

This week's word, WIND was chosen by a new player in the game. Her twitter handle is @VesuviaAdelia . Quite a challenge to provide photos for something unseen! Doesn't mean it can't be done though...just have to get creative.

Well...I didn't get all that creative. But I did happen to have on hand a couple of fine pictures that illustrate a certain phrase -

This is my oldest son, Kick Back Dude, about...gosh...ten years ago! He was a runner all through high school. He was the very essence of someone who could run like the WIND! I was sad that he gave up running, for the most part, after high school. He had a real gift for it.

Here is my youngest son, Handsome Lad, a couple of years ago when he was a Freshman. The three kids in between these two never considered running, like the WIND or otherwise. But Handsome Lad gave it a try. He was a very good runner too, but I think his coach was a little hard on him because he was so enamored of Kick Back Dude. I feel bad that he decided not to continue with running. Siblings shouldn't be compared to one another, really. It just isn't fair.

And that's it...two of my kids running like the WIND! 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, if you're into that. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are planning for a great week ahead! I'm not sure what is going on for this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots, but when I do I will post it on my Saturday Scavenger Shots page. Thanks!!! 


Anonymous said...

My brother and sister are both runners. They started back in middle school and still run. Well, my brother can't avoid it in the Army. They both love it though. I'm envious of them.

Jasen Buch said...

I'm not runner. I can't run like a stiff breeze when going downhill. Being the younger of two, I can fully relate to being compared to my older sibling.

Good choice for photos. I'm not sure what's going with the game, either.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I run on occasion, but not like the wind! I don't know what would describe my slow, almost-plodding jog.

laura b. said...

catskill: I would love to be a better runner...and more importantly I wish I really enjoyed it :)

Jasen: It is a mystery at this point! :-D

Secret: Sometimes people seem born to run...not in a Springsteen sort of way :) You have the heart for it, at least!