Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Later On We'll Conspire

Welcome to a wintry Choose and Defend Wednesday! Warm weather lingered this year in this part of the country. But there has been a cold snap and we Southern Californians are, depending on our constitutions, either suffering or enjoying temperatures as low as 40°F. Okay, go ahead and scoff! But I've lived here all my life and to me, this is cold :)  At least it is cold enough to really feel that winter has arrived.

This made me think about winter activities. I thought I'd see what you'd like to do on, say, a snow day! We don't get those. But about an hour of travel will get me to snow if it is what I want...well, not a few weeks maybe. Anyway, this week's Choose and Defend is about snowy, wintry activities. Which of these two things would you prefer to do (Choose) and why?(Defend)

Build a Snowman

Go Sledding

These activities may actually be available to some of you. And even if not, you can surely imagine. Please, Choose and Defend! Also, feel free to talk about other winter activities you enjoy in comments. Thanks!


Jasen Buch said...

I would rather GO SLEDDING. Why? Barreling headlong down a hill, freezing wind in my face, and risking life and limb. What's not to love about it. SLEDDING.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I actually like both these things in spite of my dislike of winter cold. I'm going to choose sledding though because I love skiing and that's the closest thing to skiing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, Laura B! Don't make me choose!

I'm going to have to go snowman. I always loved the art of it. Do I go classic? Do I go artsy? Maybe I'll put the carrot somewhere that a fifth grader thinks is funny.

But sledding is pretty damned awesome. I really don't want to choose.

laura b. said...

Jasen: You daredevil, you! Okay! One for Sledding.

Secret: Yes, I think activities like this would keep me sane if I lived where it snows. Two for Sledding.

catskill: :) Three for Sledding.

James: Choose and Defend is a cruel mistress. You knew this coming in. haha! I believe you meant to say - One for Snowman.

Everyone: As well as these votes, Cindy @twindy5 said that building a snowman only to have it destroyed is heartbreaking. She was Four for Sledding.
So as it stands now it is 1-4, with Going Sledding in the lead. More opinions are welcomed and encouraged!

FW said...

It has felt warmer here than in previous years, so not much chance of snow for Christmas. I expect we'll be punished between January and March again. I heard of a trick recently: fill a balloon with red food dye and pack snow around it to form the snowmans head and place it on the body. You can imagine the rest, I'm sure someone has done it on Youtube. For me then, it's build a snowman but probably just a normal one with a carrot nose.

laura b. said...

FW: haha! I'd never heard of that very gruesome and clever :) I'm glad to hear your snowman won't be rigged. Two for Snowman.

We now have it at 2-4 in the Snowman vs Sledding Choose and Defend!