Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi Choose and Defend Wednesday-ers! This week's came to me suddenly and is inspired by various social media postings. Today is, of course, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001.

So, let me just ask which you think is a more useful strategy on a day like today.

Remember the Past

Look Towards the Future
How do you roll? Probably a little of both. But if you had to Choose....and you do....
Choose and Defend!


Jasen Buch said...

As you may have already seen my posts on Twitter, along with my latest blog post, I have decided that we have to look to the future instead of dwell on the past. I am saying LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

I think you sort of nailed it in your intro: They are interconnected. One has to look to the past in order to make reasonable decisions about the future.

But that's just me. I'm a data-oriented guy. Of course I have my eye on the future, but show me the trends, the numbers.

I have to side with Santayana on this one.

laura b. said...

Jasen: Of course, you inspired me :) One for Look Towards the Future.

James: are my inspiration as well! One for Remember the Past.

Thanks you guys...1-1. What now? Anyone? Come on!!!

FW said...

You said on a day like today, the anniversary, so on that basis I'm going to vote for looking back as an act of remembrance. There are 364 other days to look to the future with.

laura b. said...

FW: That seems like a very reasonable way to look at it! Two for Remember the Past.

Tie broken at 1-2. Anyone else?

NoRegrets said...

I LIKE these weird ones. Yes, I should participate more. But I can't do it on my phone, and at work not so much either. I literally haven't turned on my computer for like a month... But OK, I vote for the future!!!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Thank you, I appreciate that :) And if I didn't have free range at work, I wouldn't internet much either. My desktop at home is awful. Two for Look Towards the Future.

Now tied at 2-2! :)