Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And We Do It With Flare

No one seems responsive to Choose and Defend Wednesdays lately. Well, not no one! The people who do respond are not to be trifled with! But still....maybe I need to ask less weird questions. Are my questions weird? Too heavy? Too hard? Too boring? It's not me, it's you?

I guess I won't give it up just yet. I'm no quitter. Just ask the nails I've been biting all my life. So. Let me try once again. This week's Choose and Defend will strive for simplicity and good times.

It is almost autumn. Why not make a little fire and get your s'more on? You even get three, three, three choices this week, as I ask you.....What is the best part of a s'more?

Chocolate Bar

Graham Cracker



 Which is your favorite ingredient (Choose) and (Defend) why? Thank you in advance for your participation.


Anonymous said...

Three choices this week? But I'm set to binary.

I haven't had a s'more in years. They're usually made with Hershey's, right? I'm not a milk chocolate fan---gives me heartburn.

Marshmallows? Too sweet.

By default the great graham wins.

Bobby said...

Chocolate! It's the sweetest. Out of the three, I'm more likely to buy chocolate and sit there devouring chocolate than I am to sit there and eat a bag of marshmellows or a box of graham crackers. But I probably have done all three. Do we actually get chocolate now?

NoRegrets said...

How can you ever separate them?? That's what makes it! All three together! Sigh. I like pure sugar, so marshmallow it is.

FW said...

I don't think I've ever tried one, I have roasted a marshmallow though so I'll go with that!

laura b. said...

James: Look at me, being all unpredicatable and such! A default win is still a One for Graham Crackers.

Bobby: Snackiness! I think you've hit upon what is missing from this game...a reward. Specifically a chocolate reward. One for Chocolate.

NoRegrets: Combining two more more snacks into one greater snack is one of the noblest of human endeavors :) Mmmmm, sugar... One for Marshmallow.

FW: Never had a s'more, eh? We should try to fix that. You won't regret it. Two for Marshmallow.

Everyone: All ingredients are getting some love. 1-1-2. That 2 is for Marshmallow, in the lead! Let's hear from s'more of you!!!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Chocolate. Seriously, chocolate trumps most foods.

laura b. said...

Secret: I must agree. Two for Chocolate.

Now 2-1-2 with Graham Crackers feeling lonely :)