Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday 5 - Film Flam

Scrivener over at Friday 5 is in fine form today with a really fun one for this week. These questions are based on movies and are quite thought-provoking! Let's give them a go.

1.In The Spectacular Now, the main character is good at making everybody laugh. What social skill do you bring to a large party? I am pretty shy and don't see myself as the life of the party. However, if I can infiltrate a small group, I think I am good at asking people questions to draw them out. I am a good listener. Not a great skill for a large party, but not a bad skill to have, in general.  

2.In The Way Way Back, one character was supposedly there when, at the local water park, one person passed another on the huge water slide. What amazing or strange feat that everyone supposedly knows about did someone pull off in your area (or at your school)?  I can't really think of any amazing or strange feat...what comes to mind is that nearly everyone who works with me at the library at least pretends to believe that the ghost of a woman who used to work here haunts the building. She was an older woman, an administrative assistant, and she died when a car hit her in a bookstore parking lot. She was there picking up something for the library. So, there is this whole legend of the Ghost of Mary who wanders around the stacks at night and all new employees must hear about her.

3.In Austenland, the main character spends a week in a large Victorian-era house designed for fans of Jane Austen. In what book’s setting would you love to spend a week immersed? I want to spend a week in the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie-the-Pooh and those guys. It would be the most lovely, fun week ever! Smiling just thinking of it.

4.In The Heat, two main characters at first have great difficulty getting along personally, but they work unusually well together professionally. With whom have you had huge personal differences while still doing excellent work? Seems hard, to me, to work well with someone professionally when there are too many personal differences. Anytime I've had big personal differences with someone and we have still done good work together, it has been more a matter of both of us acting as professionals rather than working unusually well together professionally.

5.In We’re the Millers, a marijuana-dealer and a reluctant stripper pose as husband and wife in order to complete a job. If you had to do the same for an undetermined length of time, who could pose as your Platonic life partner? If we were posing as partners and it could be platonic, then I think I could make it work with my bestie Milly. We could be a nice lesbian couple and I totally think we could be convincing.

And now you know! Please feel free to post your own Friday 5 in your blog or in comments here. Or just comment. I am very into getting comments. Have a great weekend!


Secret Agent Woman said...

I want to see Austenland. I did see The Way Way back - really liked it.

For #4 - I run a practice with my ex-husband and we are actually good business partners. Does that count?

laura b. said...

Secret: I want to see Austenland...and I really liked The Way Way Back too!
That counts for sure. I think that would be a really good example of that dynamic.