Monday, June 17, 2013

Your Lips Were Synching

It is Monday and I am just getting around to my Saturday Scavenger Shots.

 Saturday was quite the day, as my Social Animal had his graduation from Citrus Community College and a little party afterward. He's turning 24 tomorrow, so yes, he kind of meandered through that...but he did get both an AA and an AS. Plus, in the fall, as I've proudly mentioned, he is off to Berkeley to finish up with a degree in Philosophy.

As for Sunday, I have no excuse. I was very chill all day and didn't really do anything that was all productive. Although I do think recharging my internal batteries isn't a bad use of time.

Anyway...getting back to the task at hand....Saturday Scavenger Shots. I chose the word CHANGE for this week. I thought I could find a couple of good things to post and I think I did. Here is some CHANGE for you -

Here is a blue, blue picture of small children and their artistic CHANGE into a pair of animals.
People sure do CHANGE over the years, don't they? Here is a picture of Social Animal and Girlie Girl about 15 years apart. On the left, they are footballing and cheerleading at ages 9 and 5. On the right, they are enjoying a graduation party at (nearly) 24 and 20. What didn't CHANGE? They're still buddies.
And sometimes, CHANGE is just CHANGE :)
That is all the CHANGE I can handle for now. I'm anticipating a busy week...actually a busy six weeks to come. Summer Reading Program is upon us and the library really kicks into gear. But I will be around. Nothing keeps me away!
Tagged for next week is Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti. What'll it be Tara?


Jasen Buch said...

CHANGE for the best, Laura. It's good to know that the offspring still get along after all these years, so that hasn't CHANGED. I took the latter route and showed you my CHANGE, as in coins. Good job on the photos. I await Tara's word of choice with baited breath.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Congratulations to your son on his graduation!

And yes, those changes just keep rolling along, especially when it comes to kids.

FW said...

Good luck with the reading programme! Nice photos as always LB!

Tara said...

Recharging my battery is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

I love your photos, especially the ones of Social Animal and Girlie Girl together.

Thank you for emailing me to ask about the new word! It'll be: delicious.

laura b. said...

Alien: Change is bound to come and all we can hope for is positive results. Thanks!

Secret: Sometimes I feel that I can't keep up with all of the changes. But I try :)

FW: Thank you very much, FW!

Tara: We all need that down time. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for a great new word!!!