Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've Seen What's In Your Heart

It is Wednesday here in my world and time for a little Choose and Defend to break up the week. Are you feeling charitable? I like to imagine myself a charitable person, but in point of actual fact, I do very little in the way of giving. I excuse myself by recognizing that I haven't even got a savings account and just don't have enough to give away, even for the best of causes. Less easy to excuse is not being giving with my time. Either way, though, excuses, excuses, excuses. 

Let's imagine for a moment that we all had extremely adequate (is that even a thing?) time and resources. And we all have our causes, I feel certain. Given that, and your bounty, which would you prefer to give to the charity or charities of your choice?



Maybe you already do one or even both of these things. The odds are good that you do. But given a choice, and again, plenty of resources...which do you prefer (Choose) and why (Defend)?


Anonymous said...

Given unlimited resources I'd go with time. Too much info out there about how little donated money actually goes to the cause.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Well, that depends. I have no desire to do things like volunteer at a soup kitchen or a clinic or what have you because it's too close to what I spend every work day doing. So if it were that sort of social services work, I'd definitely rather give money. (And do, in a round about way, by having flexible fes and taking Medicaid.) But if it were environmentally-based work, I'd rather volunteer my time. And post-retirement, I hope to do that. But for the sake of voting, let's just say I don't get to pick which filed the help is in - in that case, I'm voting for giving money until I retire.

Jasen Buch said...

Money is easy to give when there is enough, but what good does it really do? If everybody threw money at a cause, but nobody gave time, nothing would get accomplished. I would rather give my time to a cause. That way I can see the good being done before my eyes. I would give TIME.

silly rabbit said...

I prefer not to donate to a "charity" that is big and its so hard to feel comfortable about which charities are legit.
But one of my old bosses taught me this. Give whatever is needed to those you know who need.
Know someone hungry? Buy them groceries. An elderly neighbor may need you to pick up items for them or mow their yard. There is always a need close by to help fill.
It is fair to say that I have had more experience in the donation of my time, than of money. I think I feel better giving that way.

Tara said...

I'd like to volunteer my time, please. Money's also a good option, but I'd like to be hands-on.

Anonymous said...

In another life, before my babies, I worked in the non-profit world. I worked on both the service side and on the giving (granting) side. I see the value of both giving of time and money because they are equally vital to the survival of any non profit organization. As for me I think that the giving of time is what I would prefer. I often sit here thinking I need to start doing that more (it's difficult to fit that into a busy life but that can't be an excuse) and maybe this time I will get off my ass and do it! :)

laura b. said...

James: It is dishearting to hear that some charity organizations end up giving very little of what donors provide to the people or cause they are supposed to be helping. One for Time.

Secret: You are definitely already giving a lot, through your work alone, and with the options you mentioned. I also think the idea of priorities or focus being different after retirement is solid thinking! One for Money (for now)

Jasen: I see what you are saying. And there is something very gratifying about seeing the results of any sort of help you've given. Two for Time.

Silly: I think that is SUCH a great idea. Actually giving of yourself directly to someone who needs help. No argument against how effective that sort of help it! Three for Time.

Tara: I can somehow clearly imagine you working on a Habitat For Humanity house :) Four for Time.

Annie: You'd have a great perspective on all of this with your background. Thank you for weighing in. All good food for thought. Five for Time.

Everyone: Really appreciated your thoughtful responses to this one. In spite of my record of not being so giving, I do think about it and I appreciate your insights! So far our count is 1-5 with Time over Money. I'd love to hear from anyone else who'd care to contribute.

Maria said...

We do both. But, sometimes I think it is mostly because we have a daughter to set an example for and not because we have generous hearts. We volunteer at a women's shelter once a month. My daughter and I read to the children. My partner does kitchen duty. And I'm pretty picky about where my donation dollars go. Right now, I give to Planned Parenthood and A society that reads to the blind. But, you know...things come up during the year. I guess we do okay, but like everyone, we could do better.

laura b. said...

Maria: That is a great example to set. You do more than okay :)