Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All I Ever Wanted

We have gotten to Wednesday once again, which means it must be time to Choose and Defend. This is, as I've whined about incessantly, our busiest time of year here in the library. Our six week Summer Reading Program is our "signature event" and each year it seems like we add another element or two to keep the fun ramped up. It is fun, but tiring...and we are STRONGLY discouraged from taken time off during these six weeks.  So, of course, I am fantasizing about vacations. This thought leads us right back into Choose and Defend Wednesday. Okay...first, please remember that money is no object here.  Given these two choices, and these two alone, which would you Choose for your week-long vacation? Please remember to vigorously Defend your choice :)

Lounge on an Exotic Beach


Outward Bound Adventure
It is your vacation. Your choice. What will you do? Choose and Defend! (And dream)

9 comments: said...

I'm going beach, provided there's lots of shade and cocktails served in hollowed out pineapples. I don't camp unless there's a Hilton involved, because I am the worst outdoorsman in the world. Also, snakes are outside.

And don't tell me about the dreaded beach snake and ruin my defense.

Tara said...

Oh, definitely lounging in a hammock on an exotic beach.

We have certain times too when we can't take vacation; two weeks before and two weeks after our the first week of a new quarter. said...

I do not even need to think about this one as I find myself fantasizing about laying in hot sand on an abandoned island with flowing cocktails just about EVERY DAY!

Secret Agent Woman said...

No question - beach! In fact, I'm working on planning a little beach vacation right now.

FW said...

Beach for me, as long as I can wear sandals - wouldn't want to burn my feet on the hot sand! I would be in the shade of a palm tree, lying in my hammock with a nice refreshing cocktail in my hand. Bliss!

silly rabbit said...

Beach. A vacation involves relaxing. I cannot relax without a proper bathroom and a cozy place to sleep.
I can still hike the shore and look for shells and tide pools to observe.
The sound of the sea will relax every nerve in my body and wash away any anxieties of life.
I truly believe that the ocean heals and renews us in many ways.

laura b. said...

James: Where you are going, you get shade, cocktails, a Hilton, and NO snakes! Perfect. One for Lounging on the Beach.

Tara: It is hard having those restrictions sometimes! Let us lounge. Two for Lounging on the Beach.

Annie: We all need our mental escapes, but especially the mamas. Three for Lounging on the Beach.

Secret: Really looking forward to living vicariously through your vacation posts...please post! Four for Lounging on the Beach.

FW: You may definitely have those sandals, the drinks and the palm trees :) Five for Lounging on the Beach.

Silly: I do agree that the ocean is very soothing and healing. You certainly deserve a nice vacation! Six for Lounging on the Beach.

Everyone: One Twitter friend chose the Outward Bound Adventure, but otherwise everyone is feeling beachy keen. 6-1 for Lounging on the Beach. Anyone else? Let's hear it!

NoRegrets said...

At one point I would have chosen the adventure, but as I am getting older... the beach sounds great.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Everyday is an adventure with you! You deserve to relax :) Seven for Lounging on the Beach.