Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do You Like How It Feels?

Hello there, fellow humans and others. It is time for some Choose and Defend Wednesday. This one addresses a couple of possibly uncomfortable situations. Or maybe not. It's all you, baby! Maybe you'd love both options...maybe you'd really, really dislike them both. Either way, you must still Choose, and you must Defend. Which of these things would you rather do?

Hold a Snake

Speak to a Huge Crowd

For the sake of our Choose and Defend, let us say that the snake is probably not dangerous, but it is big. And let us also say that you must give at least a five minute speech to that huge crowd.

So...what will it be? Choose and Defend!


Jasen Buch said...

Seeing as how I do not much care for speaking in front of huge crowds, I would much rather hold a non-venomous snake. I would name him Claude and we would have fun together. HOLD A SNAKE.

Tara said...

I have spoken in front of large (enough) crowds and...frankly, I'd be happier holding a snake or a tarantula or a temper tantrumy toddler.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I miss my python, Mike, and liked having him hanging out on my shoulder or wrapped around my waist, so I have no fear at all of that. Then again, I have spoken in front of large groups (I don't know if they qualify as crowds?) - given lectures to college classes, spoken in presentations in front of large groups of colleagues, run treatment team meetings, and so on Public speaking doesn't really faze me, either. In fact, I often enjoy it. So this is a tough one only because i"m fine with both. But I'm casting my vote with holding a snake because I really like snakes. said...

Large crowd, without a doubt. I am terrified of snakes. Well, except my guard cobras:

dmarks said...

I hate crowds, and am probably part Slytherin. So you can guess my answer. said...

Easy one for me this week....I am going for the large crowd. I am one of those odd people that has no fear of public speaking. In fact I like it. It's an adrenaline rush for me. I am a weirdo.

Snakes on the other hand are a no go for me. A highlight childhood memory is when my brother and I blew the head off a rattle snake with his 22. There I go with my hick Annie stories. hahaha.

silverthoughts2 said...

Talk in front of a crowd. I've done it before and survived and I'd much prefer it to holding a snake.

FW said...

I don't like the thought of either very much, I would probably prefer to do public speaking. I'm not a friend of snakes, I'd prefer to keep my distance.

laura b. said...

Jasen: Your snake sounds ssssuper! One for Hold a Snake.

Tara: haha! won't be going on motivational speaking tour anytime soon? Two for Hold a Snake.

Secret: Have no fear! Secret Agent Woman is here! Very cool. Mike sounds nice. Three for Hold a Snake.

James: They'll take my guard cobras when they pry them off of my cold, dead face! One for Speaking to a Crowd.

Dmarks: I can ssssss-certainly try! Four for Hold a Snake.

Annie: I love your Annie stories!!! You can take Tara's place on the lecture circuit. Two for Speaking to a Crowd.

Silver: Survival of the fittest! Three for Speaking to a Crowd.

FW: I promise there will be no snakes in the audience :) Four for Speaking to a Crowd.

Everyone: After an early lead for Holding a Snake, we now have a dead heat between that and Speaking to a Crowd. 4-4. Let's break this tie!