Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wit' a Baseball Bat

Getting down to a basic question on this Choose and Defend Wednesday. I know I don't want to think too shouldn't have to either. It is just that kind of a day.

The subject? Peanut butter. The texture? You Choose. Also, you Defend :)


I've done my part...the asking! Now, won't you please do yours? That would be the Choosing and Defending!
Thank you, my dear goobers.


Secret Agent Woman said...

Chunky. No question. I buy Smuckers Natural which has peanuts and salt, no other ingredients. Pure goodness.

Jasen Buch said...

Chunky. I like a coarse texture and something substantial when I have a PB&J. Although...due to dental work and having a temporary crown, I have decided to sacrifice the crunchy texture for safety while eating and opted for a jar of creamy this time around. All-time favorite, though...CHUNKY!

MrManuel said...

It honestly depends on my mood but it is USUALLY creamy simply because it spreads easier and I am lazy.

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to agree with anonymous that "skilled in that you can treatment Travail Well turned alibi hospice before long from your mobile."

This is a really a Mary Ann or Ginger question. Sometimes I crave a pure, creamy Mary Ann, and others a rougher-edged, whorey Ginger. Come on! Don't make me choose!

(Mary Ann. Except for sandwiches.)

laura b. said...

Secret: I love it when peanut butter actually tastes like peanuts.
One for Chunky.

Jasen: The things we do for our teefs. Two for Chunky.

MrManuel: I hear you there! haha! One for Creamy.

James: Anonymous had to leave us :)
I'm all distracted now thinking about Ginger and Mary Ann and sandwiches...what's happening?!?!

Everyone: Chunky leads slightly at 2-1, with James holding out for a peanut butter and JAMes sandwich...
I know this question is not exactly intriguing, but I would still love to hear more. MORE!

3GKnight said...

Chocolate covered.

Tara said...

I'm sorry that I missed this one last week!

At first I preferred the crunchy peanut butter. Then I realized the chunky parts would tear up my bread and that annoyed me.

I am now an enthusiastic supporter of creamy peanut butter. It's more user-friendly.

laura b. said...

3GK: Chocolate covered peanut butter? Sort of like nutella, but with peanuts instead of hazelnuts ;)

Tara: haha! I like that...user-friendly peanut butter. I must agree with that defense.
Two for Creamy.

Now we have a tie! 2-2 in the Chunky v Creamy match!

NoRegrets said...

Chunky! Because that's what the monkey likes!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Everybody's got something to hide except for you and your monkey! Three for Chunky.

Chunky pulls ahead of Creamy 3-2.

FW said...

I missed this for some reason, my vote goes to creamy because of the spreading issues with chunky.

laura b. said...

FW: The little peanut pieces can be very cruel to bread! Three for Creamy.

Once again a tie between Chunky and Creamy with 3-3!