Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just a Good Drinker

Hi there. Finally getting back to the land of the living after a couple of sick days and a couple of busy days. It is Tuesday, but as we all know, it is never to late to participate in one of my beloved blogging traditions.  Yes, it is the Tuesday edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots!

The word is SOCIAL. It was chosen by me last week, with something in mind. However, given the way my weekend went, I have needed to modify my thoughts on my SOCIAL life...at least for the purposes of this blog entry!

First, I can tell you that I am neither particularly SOCIAL, nor particularly anti-SOCIAL. But if I had to tip that scale, I'd say maybe a little more anti-SOCIAL in some ways. Mainly because I am shy and often feel slightly SOCIALly inept.

Among my favorite SOCIAL events are ones like this -

A concert, where I can be in a large crowd of people, feeling a part of something big and outside of myself. And yet, there are no expecations from anyone about how I should behave. I sort of enjoy the mix of intimacy and impersonality that a big crowd enjoying something together creates. That is how creatures like me can feel SOCIAL in comfort.

Also, I do think I had SOCIAL networking at the back of my mind as I thought about this word. It is a big pushy item at work....keep up with the SOCIAL networking for the library. We need to get out there and promote ourselves. Blah blah blah.  Hopefully it helps and I certainly don't mind doing it.

So, if you ever get the urge to watch me pimp the my workspace, don't be shy. I put up the Children's Room posts in an attempt to connect to the community through SOCIAL networking. And of course I do a bit of SOCIAL networking on my own behalf as well, as you may have gleaned from my blog, tumblr, twitter, personal facebook, and...that's it!

Thanks for finding me here on a Tuesday evening, doing a Saturday morning post. I am just a SOCIAL rebel like that...and I know that you are too.  I will tag Jasen for this week...sorry it is so late!!!
Stop in tomorrow for some Choose and Defend Wednesday too! Thanks :)


FW said...

You've always seemed very socially adept to me :-)

Tara said...

Hey, welcome back! I hope you're starting to feel better! I know so many people who have been sick this season, especially at work.

I'll have to check out your library's Facebook page, because I love how you set up for the events for children.

That's a great way to look at concerts, I never thought of them that way.

I prefer smaller groups of people if I'm out and about and attempting to be social.

laura b. said...

FW: You're very kind. I am better in writing than in person :)

Tara: Thank you! I was so glad it was short-lived.
You seem to have so many friends! I bet you can get very social :)

silly rabbit said...

I am a lot like you. I prefer a big crowd that I blend into to smaller groups where I feel like I stand out.
Let's say I like to be "socially comfortable" with no expectations of response or interaction.
I'd love to look at your library page! In fact, I'm off to do it!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm not so much on huge crowds, although I can tolerate them. I actually prefer smaller group settings. But NOT when I know no one else!

Jasen Buch said...

I've found myself becoming a social butterfly of late. Wait, not a butterfly, umm, something tougher and cooler. A bat, yeah. I'm becoming a social bat.

Concerts are a great social experience. The last one I went to was Mayhem Festival where I met an Aussie and a few other folks from out of state.

You're quite fun on social media. Especially Twitter as yourself. Maybe I will check out the Arcadia Public Library page and see how you do things.

By the way, the word for this week is DASH.

MrManuel said...

You do seem to put on a lot of good things at your library. Pretty awesome and amazing.

I love the social aspects of concerts. I LOVE them!

laura b. said...

Silly: You get me! There is something very reassuring about that, thanks :)

Secret: I have recently attended a couple of events where I basically only knew the person I went in with. NOT my favorite thing.

Jasen: Ha! A social bat...I like that :)
Thanks for your patience this week as I played catch-up and THANKS for the great word!

MrManuel: You strike me as a very social person in general. It's a great trait.