Saturday, January 5, 2013

Memory's Not Life

Hi there. Welcome to a rough Saturday Scavenger Shots. I honestly didn't know what to do with this word. The word, choosen by Jasen @ Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections , is BARE.  What the wha? Well...I could have found a BARE tree or some BARE dirt or some such. My mind got all caught up in nekky bodies, naturally. I mean, right? 

So then I thought about the phrase - BARE hands. And I like that! I like eating with my BARE hands and doing things that don't require complicated tools. That was all the inspiration I needed to devise this, uh, really lame shot.

There it is! My BARE hand, ready to take on any task! But looks like it is really down for some shadow puppet action. Bunny anyone? I can make one with my BARE hand. Amazing.
So. There's that :) Anyone have anything they'd like to BARE to the world? You, too, may post a Saturday Scavenger Shot. All the cool kids are doing it. Or, um, a couple of awesome nerds are at least. Anyway....let's see what happens next week, shall we? We shall.


Secret Agent Woman said...

I thought you might go with a bare/bear pun. But a peace sign with your bare hand works!

laura b. said...

Secret: haha! I did consider that :)
But the phrase 'bare hands' was just too strong to ignore.

Tara said...

Hey, that is an example of "bare"! My mind went to the naughty kind of bare too. I know I haven't been participating lately, but hopefully I'll be able to post something on Saturday for "voice". I'd like to get my "voice" back by then, too.

laura b. said...

Tara: I'm so glad to see you back around the blogs! Can't wait to see your voice...and I do hope you are back in fighting form!