Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Peep It When I Funky Technique It

Today's Saturday Scavenger Shots word was chosen by Tara, mistress of Eclectic Spaghetti.  She demands that we ORGANIZE. Sure, sure...I am a model of organizational wonder. Or...not. Let's see.

As you may know, I work in a library. We ORGANIZE our books by
Dewey Decimal number for Non-Fiction and Author's Last Name for Fiction. 

We ORGANIZE our craft supplies on shelves, often in those plastic shoe box
type of containers. The die-cuts you see at the bottom of the photo are
ORGANIZEd in alphabetical order!

Um, okay, maybe I could ORGANIZE my personal workspace a little better. Since I prepare storytimes with crafts for 60 kids each week I do end up with lots of...stuff..around me.  A couple of times a year I clean up and ORGANIZE. The rest of the time, my workmates are very discreet if they talk about my piggish ways :)  And also, I can put my hands on anything you ask for! So I have that going on.... Internal organizaion!

Now you have had a glimpse into how I ORGANIZE, or don't, my work stuff. I hope you enjoyed it and do not think less of me. I encourage you to think of me as 'creative'. It seems to help people around here. 

Happy Saturday! Now go ORGANIZE a game or a meal or something else fun. And let's hope we can ORGANIZE a word for next week too...


Secret Agent Woman said...

HA! My younger son and I are working on organizing the basement this weekend.

silly rabbit said...

Hahahaha! A library is a study in organization. Everything neat and tidy and in its place so that it can be located or relocated.

As for your desk... there's that saying about a messy desk means an organized mind. =:]

Tara said...

When I had an office, I knew where to find stuff at my desk even if other people might have thought it was not organized. A place for everything and everything in its place, right? I love the containers of craft stuff!

Anonymous said...

When I was in middle school I helped out in the school library, shelving books (and then, one year organizing the card catelogue). I liked doing that, even though normally I'm nowhere near organized!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Libraries are great for organizing.. and you seem to have that under control.. even your workspace has it's own

laura b. said...

Secret: You are one of the players! Just, you know, secretly :)

Silly: A library is nothing without organization. It is so frustrating when something is available, but can't be located.
haha! I cling to that saying in my darker moments :-D

Tara: Exactly. Things are where I can get to them and I'm the only one who needs to get to things on my desk! ha!
Yeah, I think those containers are great for organizing.

Silver: There is something rather soothing about that type of organizing. It seems like most levels of organizational types can do okay in a library setting :)

Mrs: Organization and the library go hand-in-hand. And yeah! My desk has it's own system and it works for me. Usually.