Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday 5 - Bubbles

Finally Friday! What a week it has been. You know I am all happy and sappy, as DR is back and life is just that much more fun :) 

How about some Friday 5 to start the weekend?  I always find it a fun way to just loosen up and start babbling....not that I need much encouragement.  Check it out -

1.When did you last have a bubble bath?  Wednesday morning before work. I nearly always shower in the morning, for speed's sake. But Wednesday was a special occasion and I wanted to start the day in a relaxing and 'treat yo self' kind of way. It was lovely.

2.What are your thoughts on bubble-wrap? I have never purchased it, but if it comes in a package I receive you best believe I am all up in the pop therapy. Aaaahhhhh...

3.In general, how large is your interpersonal-space bubble compared to other people’s? Mine might be a little smaller than the average American's, mostly just because I am around children a lot and they tend to be unaware of the concept of personal space. Because of that constant exposure, I feel like I don't mind as much when people get a little too close...I'm just not that bothered, although of course I remain sensitive to other people's preferences! I'm not one of those close talkers myself!

4. What carbonated beverage have you most recently enjoyed? I have not had a carbonated beverage in a couple of days. Let's see....Tuesday evening's dinner break here at work I had a Dr Chill with my meal. Dr Chill, as you may guess, is Dr Pepper-like, but it is the Albertson's brand.

5. Who in your life can be described as having a bubbly personality? My daughter, Girlie Girl. Usually, I am not the subject of the full force of her personality...but when I watch her out in the world I am amazed that she's my daughter. She's so happy and funny and has a natural gift for talking to people. She's so...bubbly!

There, you see? Just ask a few questions and watch me go - blah, blah, blah....  I invite you play along in comments or on your own blog.   Also, I hope you'll come back tomorrow for Saturday Scavenger Shots.  The word is WATER.

Happy Super Hot FryDay!


Tara said...

Yay! I'm glad they had a new set of questions today. Primed and ready for us!

I'm so glad that DR is back! Have a fantastic weekend!

Secret Agent Woman said...

How can you talk about bubbles without mentioning champagne? Champagne is a gift from the gods and my drug of choice. Although it makes me absurdly cuddly, so I have to be judicious about when and where I drink it.

Glad DR is home!

silly rabbit said...

Wonderful that DR arrived and is home!

I answered a few of these at Tara's.

I have a normal space bubble I think. I certainly am not fond of adults who talk into your face. You hit that on the head.

I think I had a coca cola most recently. I don't often drink things that have carbonation. It makes me burpy.

Sadly, I am probably the bubbliest person I know. Its nerves for me. Everyone I know is too into being an adult and hardly even smiling... cause you know, smiling is so immature. That makes me even more nervous and giggly.

Anonymous said...

That comic made me laugh, I loved funny.

3GKnight said...

I also lol'd at the alien comic. Coffee breath is probably the main reason I don't encroach too much on others personal space.

laura b. said...

Tara: Scrivener is so reliable :)
And I'm really glad too.

Secret: I see what you mean...I guess they don't call champagne 'the bubbly' for nothing! I don't have many opportunities to imbibe, but it certainly is lovely :)

Silly: You are bubbly! I think that is a wonderful trait for anyone to have :) I wish I were more upbeat like that, but I am self-conscious so often!

Silver: hee hee! Space invader :D

3GK: Oh man, breath! Since I am in a public service position I try to be nice smelling. Altoids and a softly scented lotion are parked on my desk in the back office.

NoRegrets said...

So glad he's back!

NoRegrets said...

So glad he's back!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Thank you! Me too :)