Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And a Mess is Not Allowed

Welcome, at last, to Choose and Defend Wednesday! Today is a day to fantasize. Go ahead. Fantasize., come back here and play Choose and Defend :) Here is the have come in to a great deal of money. You must use at least some of it to buy or build your dream house. Because this is Choose and Defend, there is this one house is going to be very isolated or right in the heart of a big city. But either way, it will be a beautiful, safe home! So there's that.  Which would you prefer?

City Home

Country Home

Now....remember, for the purposes of our game, although you are quite wealthy now you cannot have both. It wouldn't be Choose and Defend if we did that!  So, Choose where you want to live given these two choices. In addition, please Defend your choice. Bring us over to your side!

And hey, I am a little late with it, but our Saturday Scavenger word for this week is GROW. The games just keep on coming :)  Thanks for playing!


AlienCG said...

I like people. I like being around people, even too many people. I could not tolerate being out in the middle of nowhere away from everything. My choice is CITY HOME.

Anonymous said...

Country. I like visiting the city but it's too overwhelming for a long term living situation.

3GKnight said...

Assuming I can afford to pay someone to maintain the property, I'm going with country. Especially if its that house, since it looks like its on the coast.

silly rabbit said...

Put me in a rural setting on the coast and I would be in heaven. I'd be careful to locate within 20 miles of a good sized city though. I need the things a city has to offer.

Tara said...

Although I'd love a nice cabin on a private beach somewhere, I'm going to choose a city home. I think it would be exciting to have entertainment and restaurants so close to me.

NoRegrets said...

Country country country. I need nature.

Anonymous said...

Easy peasy. Provided I have a good broadband connection I'm going country. It's a misanthropic dream come true!

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I think I could second that emotion. Good persuasion. One for City House.

Silver: You like the quiet. Good call. One for Country House.

3GK: Yes, money is no object! You needn't lift a finger in your remote coastal home :) Two for Country House.

Silly: That seems like a fair compromise, very good. Three for Country House.

Tara: It could be a lot of fun being in the heart of things! Two for City House.

NoRegrets: Yes, I can see that for you. Four for Country House.

James: Ah, my favorite misanthorpe! (Is that even possible?) Five for Country House.

Everyone: Another interesting one! Right now we have it at 5-2, with Country House leading City House. I encourage any additional opinions...makes things even more interesting!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh my God - a house on the water with forest around it. I want! I want!

FW said...

The older I get the more the country appeals, provided I have all the comforts of my city home but none of the neighbours and noise

dmarks said...

"City Home"looks like where Frasier and his father lived. Only I don't see the ugly chair or the weird art.

Probably Frasier has already lit his dad's ugly chair on fire and tossed it off the balcony. And his dad tossed the weird art out in revenge.

As for the question, I haven't decided. But I do now have the theme for "Green Acres" in my head, thanks so much.

laura b. said...

Secret: Oh, this one was easy for you! Six for Country House.

FW: In this scenario, you are certainly afforded both comforts and some solitude. Seven for Country.

Dmarks: haha! I like your very plausible scenario for the Crane family's possible conflict resolution :)
And you are so welcome! bwahahahaha!

Everyone: Country House is killing City House at 7-2, with Dmarks humming Green Acres in the background.

Churlita said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say country. I would love to live on the water. I could run, bike and swim all over and have an incredible organic garden.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I am not surprised :) Eight for Country House.

But I am a little surprised by the lopsidedness of this contest -
8-2 with Country House way out in front!