Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Remember the Time...

Yesterday, I had a visit from the past. My first real boyfriend recently moved somewhat closer, after splitting up with this wife of 12 years. Our birthdays are just a couple of days apart and coming up soon, so we decided to get together for a nice dinner and talk. We've kept in touch on and off for the past 30 odd years, but the last time we got together was a good 10 years ago. So it was really nice to have the opportunity to talk about old times and share the insights we've gained over the years (and years and years...)  There is something very reassuring about talking to someone who loved you once and hasn't had any reason to ever stop.

Our awesome 1981 look.

We went to a restaurant halfway between our places called Orange Hill. As the name implies, it was situated on a hill, with an amazing view. We got there early enough to enjoy the sunset over a drink. We had a lovely, long and relaxing meal. I'm going to ahead and sound all hick-ish and say that I don't think I've ever eaten anywhere quite so posh. The food was delicious, but not exotic. We had 11 oz. bone in filet mignon, scalloped potatoes, and glazed vegetables. We both like dessert, so we shared a portion of chocolate lava cake. Should have photographed that...and the view!

The waiter did take a photo of us at the end of the evening with my friend's camera. Hoping he sends me a copy. If so, I'll post it.

So, the past is rather rosy right now...but the future is even more so. DR will be back home on Wednesday evening! I. Can. Not. WAIT!!!!  Yay!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Wow.. a real balst from the past.. that is such a cute picture.. The "good ole days".. sounds like you had a nice time catching up..

Yeah for DR coming home!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Love the early 80's look - takes me right back to my senior year of HS.

That's great to catch up with an old boyfriend. Rosy past, rosy future that will soon be rosy present - can't beat that.

silly rabbit said...

I think its great that you two have stayed in touch all these years. Some people can't seem to do that without malice. I love the picture too... you giving him that look of affection and happiness. Sounds like a great evening.
Yay! Yay! Yay! Hurry Weds! I am so happy for you. =:D

silverthoughts2 said...

I think it's great that you've kept in touch all these years, generally, I don't keep in touch with ex's. I don't hate any, don't have any ill feelings towards them but it just seemed easier to cut ties.

And yay for DR coming back!

Tara said...

I'm so glad that you both had such a nice opportunity to catch up! Sounds like an awesome restaurant, too. Mm...chocolate lava cake...

I love that photo! Cool skirt! And I'm so glad that DR will be back on Wednesday! Good news all around!

laura b. said...

Mrs: It really was fun catching up. And I second that Yay!

Secret: So preppy :) Very excited about what is about to be a lovely present.

Silly: Only a young girl can look quite that adoring, probably :)
I'm really glad we've kept in touch.
And yeah, yay! He's in the air as I type!

Silver: I don't have that many Exes because I was pretty young when I got married. But this is the only one I've stayed in touch with :)
Yay yay yay!!!!

Tara: The food was soooo good. We look at bit different, but we still think we're adorable. haha!
So much good news...I am feeling very pleased!