Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Social. Let's Network.

There are simply too many options now! I am a big fan of social networking. I really do believe that while all of my online interactions have not been positive, the overwhelming majority have been. I have gotten to know people whom I never would have met without the benefit of the webz.  The fact that I even feel compelled to talk about it is probably partly just a condition of my age. I didn't grow up with all of this.  I called my friends from the phone in my mom's kitchen or the den. If they weren't home, the phone would ring and ring and I would call back another time.  Now, no one is every truly unreachable...well, not NO one...but most people. There are so many ways to get ahold of them.  But I'm kind of getting off track with what I started to say.  Social networking sites.  Ways to post content and receive reactions, either immediate or sometime in the future when someone stumbles across it.  I'm aware too, that there is a lot more out there that I am not even participating in, but I feel close to overwhelmed by what I'm doing now.  Let's break it down -

Yahoo Groups - Anyone remember those? I still have a couple of active ones sending somewhat regular emails (remember those?) I have a great sentimental feeling for these groups because one of them is where I met DR. Pop culture talk and my soulmate! Nice.

Blogger - Obviously. I blog here. I have met some amazing people through reading their blogs and commenting...or they came here and commented. Of the particular people I started out with, a number of them have either given up blogging or put in on hold.  But there are new bloggers all the time it seems.  As for me, I love blogging. I love a forum where it is perfectly justified that I'd be talking about myself non-stop. It's MY blog :-D But seriously, I do get great feedback when I have questions or issues or just want to have some fun. Hard to imagine giving it up.

Facebook -  Facebook came after a brief foray into Friendster and a longer stay at MySpace.  I used to play games there, but gave all that up when it became too time consuming and felt jobbish.  Now I just check in to see what people are up to.  I have my family on there, friends from high school and from work, as well as people I met at other place online, but haven't met in real life. I know the shine is kind of wearing off Facebook, but I still enjoy visiting there and engaging in a bit of back and forth with people in comments about posts...and who doesn't love looking through people's photos? (That could be just me...but I don't think so!)  Also, if you ever post a YouTube video on there because it made you think of me, my heart will melt and I will love you forever ;-) Um, unless it is, like, a monkey peeing in it's own mouth or something...don't send me that.

Twitter - Twitter has turned out to be a lot of fun for me. Some people don't like the 140 character format, but I love that part of it! Just say what you are going to say and walk away, so to speak. I get to read jokes, opinions, and just random observations from sooo many different kinds of people. I am endlessly fascinated. And when I post something and get some talk back, or a star, or a retweet, I admit it feels pretty good! The danger there is getting too caught up in the sort of competitive aspect of it. But I am a pretty laid back person in some ways, so that part doesn't bother me all that much. I just like the one liners :)

Tumblr - Just recently started participating there.  Mostly because a lot of people on Twitter are also on Tumblr and are always sending links to their posts. A lot of them I just ignore, but sometimes I want to read. Of course you can read without signing up, but I thought, why not? Now, I mostly use it to reblog things other people have posted...mostly cool images that I like. So it is kind of like a virtual scrapbook of stuff other people created or found that I like.  Can't really think of much original content to post...because I have so many other forums already!

I've also signed up at Google +, which hasn't really added anything to my life. I might have a profile or started a profile at Linked In...but I didn't follow through. Didn't seem like something I needed.  I do check my Klout every now and then. Not sure exactly what it means, but everyone likes to feel influential, right?
I am guessing a lot of people have lots more going on online than I do. But for me, I think I'm fully saturated! But each piece of the puzzle feels like it fits for now. Can't wait to see what's next!  I'd love to hear more about what you guys are doing. (This is participation-y part of blogging that I like) Thanks for reading and thanks for being part of my life here. It means the world to me.


secret agent woman said...

I don't do most of those. In fact, haven't even heard of some of them. I signed up for Google+ and a few people added me, I think, but I never went back. Ditto LinkedIn.

I have two basic on-line worlds, aside froom some regular email correspondences. Blogger, of course. I love it here. I love the blogging friends (like you!) I've made. I love the sense of community and the creative outlet of it all. And Facebook is a completely separate place that I use to keep up with family and friends. There I can use my real name, but I'm always way less revealing. And people on it don't know I blog. I prefer it that way. I actually re-connected with the guy I am currently seeing through FB, so that's been an interesting piece of it.

silly rabbit said...

What? I can't send you that monkey video? LOL!

I have different uses for each of the webz I use. FB is for friends and family, co-workers and past students mostly. Like secret agent woman, I use my real name, and feel a need to be careful.

I used Linkedin mostly because of my friend, who is a writer... all his information on published articles, his first book (woot!), public readings etc. are updated there. I need to keep track of that man! Otherwise, for myself... meh.

Of course blogger is my biggest love. My place to go nuts and share. I've met so many great bloggers. And I'm addicted to reading what people have to say. And I too like to blab on.

I don't really get google+, so I'm not that comfortable there. But I check in now and then.

I've never twittered. I don't understand it, so I shy away from it. I might like it if I tried it.

3GKnight said...

Yahoo groups? I remember those being chock full of porn. You are very active on twitter. Those creative games you play look like fun. The only fourum you mention that I am very active in is the blog world. I have profiles on most of the others but rarely contribute. What else is there to say that hasn't already been said or re-shared 1000 times?

laura b. said...

Secret: I am guessing a great many people have double or triple or more online lives. Mine used to be more divided as well...now it's all blurry :)
I love that you reconnected with your guy on FB. Technology at work!

Silly: I guess it is true that even though these places could be used to say the same things over and over, many people, like you, use different forums for different purposes. Makes a lot of sense.
I actually think you'd like Twitter...but it is just ONE MORE THING to do...so :)
No monkey! No monkey! haha!

3GK: What kind of yahoogroups were you hanging around? None of mine were even remotely pornographic! They were all set up to discuss topics of shared interest.
I love the # games on Twitter, as you know :)
And you're right...if I tweet something I don't really want to go post the same thing on FB.