Saturday, September 10, 2011

There Always Seems to Be a Catch to Anything You've Ever Said

Saturday for a few more minutes here in the wild west, so let me quick get my Saturday Scavenger Shot up for you.  Would have gotten to it sooner, but it was a day full of...what else but....BAGGAGE.  That stuff we carry with us as we travel.  Everyone, every adult has some emotional and physical BAGGAGE.  And of course, you may have a nice set of matching Samsonite as well.  It's just more BAGGAGE.  I'm here to show you some of mine.
Oh, these folks again!  My BAGGAGE.  They come with everything you'd expect and more.  When it comes down to it, I suppose I wouldn't change a thing.  How could I when I see what I have now?  Sure, there is BAGGAGE in my life, but it isn't a burden but a great gift.

Ha!  Well here.  This is my dark little cupboard under the stove where I keep my reuseable shopping / toting stuff around bags.  A simpler sort of BAGGAGE.  I haven't got any, like, actual suitcases...if I go somewhere things are stuffed into the cheap BAGGAGE I've collected.  And that's how I roll.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my BAGGAGE.  I hope yours is light and brings fun things with it.  I can't wait to find out what happens next...


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Cute post.. and a good word.. well done!

Tara said...

Whenever I see the word "Samsonite", I think of the movie "Dumb and Dumber" where they're trying to return a briefcase to a woman and Jim Carrey's character things her last name is Samsonite because it's on the briefcase. "Samsonite! I was way off!" :)

Anyway, yes, our families certainly do contain (and share) emotional baggage. I sort of went with the same theme, too; dragged out my luggage and remembered emotional baggage. :)

secret agent woman said...

Ah, emotional baggage! You're right - sometimes it's a blessing.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Thank you! And thanks for playing!!!

Tara: I think of that too! Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Samsonite! I was way off! I knew it started with an S, though!
I liked your BAGGAGE post :-)

Secret: Not always, but often enough I figure :)