Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey all.  Just wanted to post a couple of quick little things.  You won't need to take notes or anything :)

- On Saturday, one of my co-workers made a joke about my super power being sarcasm.  Now whenever I open my mouth, my weird boss laughs maniacally and shrieks that she knows I'm being sarcastic.  Help.
 - DR has told me he plans to be here before his birthday, which is in November.  Fingers crossed, but as this is the second rejiggering of the original estimate, I remain wary.

- Um, Dancing with the Stars started again last night.  I know, I know...but YOU know I am unalterably addicted.  I have started a new Dancing with the Star page...see up top? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  Maybe someday when you are really bored you will read all of my witty remarks about each episode :-)  Also, please do note that after a few eliminations I WILL be asking you to Choose a winner during one of my upcoming Choose and Defend Wednesdays.  It is tradition!  And I love it.  And you like me enough to indulge me, right?  Right!  Right?

Guess that is it for the moment.  Come back tomorrow to play a non-DWTS oriented Choose and Defend.  And consider posting some Saturday Scavenger Shots this week!  Mrs Big Hairy Woman is blogging again and has chosen the word COMMUNICATION.


Churlita said...

I'm sorry that your boss is creepy and weird and I am hopeful that DR will FINALLY get his shit together and come back to you.

FW said...

I hope the re-jigged plan comes off this time for you. As for your boss, I hope the joke wears off of her and she starts treating you normally.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Don't like boss jerks.. Maybe they have yet to see "Horrible Bosses".. it would give them an idea of how they are behaving.. which is kinda creepy...

Glad that DR is coming back.. hopefully sooner rather than later..

I can't bring myself to watch more than a couple of minutes of DWTS..
But good luck with that..lol

silverthoughts2 said...

You, sarcastic? Never!

I really hope that DR is able to actually come in November. I hate it when plans like that keep changing and you can't actually be sure of anything. Too much stress involved.

laura b. said...

Churlita: The oddballs are an occupational hazard in the library, but she's fairly extreme :) I hope he does too.

FW: Thank you! I'm not sure normal is in here wheelhouse, but fingers crossed.

Mrs: ha! I saw horrible bosses...it was a kind of horrible movie, but might get the point across :-)
DWTS is charming! I hope you'll be willing to choose a horse in that race...you don't even have to actually watch!

Silver: hee hee! Maybe a little.
And you are so right...a lot of the stress I feel surrounding our current situation is based on the uncertainty.