Monday, September 26, 2011

A Dream Deferred for TWO DAYS

COMMUNICATION let me down this weekend.  I missed posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots on Saturday and even Sunday.  Here I am Monday evening finally getting to it.  Could have let it go, I guess, but I'm no quitter!!! 

This week's word (last week's word?) was chosen by Mrs Hairy Woman @ The Northern Sky Chronicles and it is a good one. COMMUNICATION.  Let me lay it down for you now, come on.

This is a bookmark I am working on.  It is part of the COMUNICATION that takes place between staff here and the kids who use the room.  This bookmark will help them quickly locate some non-fiction topics, that through COMMUNICATION, we have learned they are inordinately fond of.

We also encourage COMMUNICATION through storytelling.  This is from a couple of years ago at a Halloween program.  I'm preparing for that yet again!  The COMMUNICATION just keeps coming around in a seasonal, cyclical way. 

Music is one of my favorite forms of COMMUNICATION.  I am one of those annoying people who tend to put way too much into the lyrics of a song. This is from 80s Night at the Hollywood Bowl a few weeks ago.  So much fun.  That particular music, from those particular bands, felt like a COMMUNICATION from 80s me to 2000+ me.  We still get along okay :)

Hope you all enjoyed or tolerated this COMMUNICATION from me to you.  Not sure if this game can limp on without Tara participating, but I will leave it to others to make that call.  If it is played, I will come.


Anonymous said...

Music is one of my favorite forms of communication. ;)

FW said...

Good examples of Communication. Mrs Hairy Woman tagged me this week, so my word of choice is Red - chosen because I'm going to Liverpool on Saturday.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Excellent forms of communication.. music and storytelling are the best ways to communicate! Well done! And thanks for playing!

silly rabbit said...

Now there are some ideas that I did not think of! Great examples. I too fell down on the SSS this week because my youngest son was visiting. I'll try and follow your lead and get something up today.

laura b. said...

Silver: I thought so!

FW: That is a football thing, right? I had to get Googly to figure it out ;-) I like it and I thank you!

Mrs: Thanks! I love SSS and will play until my mind gives out :-D

Silly: haha! I read your Stabby post :) Sounds like the visit began pretty successfully, if somewhat alarmingly.

secret agent woman said...

Communication - now there's a loaded one!

laura b. said...

Secret: Yeah, tell me about it...