Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Us That Made This Mess

Have you come prepared to Choose and Defend?  I sure hope so, because today is the day...Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Today I am asking you to make a lifestyle choice. 

Would you rather live the life of ....

A Pet

A Wild Animal

So, what would you Choose?  And can you Defend that choice?  Also, if you'd especially like to live the life of a particular animal, feel free to share this in comments!  Remember, there is rarely such a thing as too much information :-)

Choose and Defend!  Thank you.


AlienCG said...

PET, definitely. All I have to do is eat, sleep and poop. Aliens would come to earth and see humans walking dogs and cleaning up after them and think that the dogs are the superior beings.

silly rabbit said...

A pet. I'd have to hope for good owners. But I would not have to worry about being prey or finding food any father than my dish.

NoRegrets said...

As long as I had good owners, I'd be a pet. If there would be too much uncertainty, I'd go for wild animal, run free, and rule the roost!

Churlita said...

There are so many variables here, but I've always been on the feral side, so I'll say a wild animal.

secret agent woman said...

Assuming a decent owner, definitely a pet. A doted-upon pet who is also allowed to get some exercise.

Tara said...

Pet, please. Not that I don't enjoy the idea of the wild, but where else can you get fed twice a day, given free range of a place to nap and have someone pay for your food, shelter and vet bills? :)

Great question!

laura b. said...

AlienCG: ha! I like your alien viewpoint :) One for Pet.

Silly: There are good things about being provided for. Two for Pet.

NoRegrets: Sure, we'll give you to a good home :) Three for Pet.

Churlita: You are a wild one! One for Wild.

Secret: Well cared for, why not? Four for Pet.

Tara: Yes, imagine having everything taken care of for you! :-) Five for Pet.

Everyone: Look at us! A good many would like a little security in our lives. Interesting answers and I thank you for them. So we have 5-1 for Pet vs Wild Animal. If anyone else has a view, speak!