Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As Primitive As Can Be

In honor of this premiere week for the Fall television season I decided to do a TV based Choose and Defend Wednesday.  I was trying to think of similarly themed, yet wildly different shows.  And actually there are quite a few of them...nothing is new after all.  But this one seemed rather fun and interesting, so let me lay it on you.  Who are your favorite castaways?  The ones from -

Gilligan's Island


So, what do you guys think?  Who's your crew?  If you have never ever seen or heard anything about either one of these shows, feel free to choose based on the photos or the titles of the shows...whatever!  All I ask is that you Choose and Defend!  Thx.  x.  x.  x.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen Lost, so I'm going with Gilligan's Island...even though it's a little ahead of my time.

Fun fact. I "met" Ginger in NYC back in 2009 at a book signing....her daughter, Caprice Crane, was the author.

silly rabbit said...

Ha! I cracked my head open and had to have stitches the evening that G's Island premiered. I was very excited over it. Guess I'm dating myself huh?
However... I'd have to say Lost because of Hurley. I think he was the only castaway who had any true ethics or honor. I knew he'd come through for them. You could count on Hurley.
G's Island was great for giggles, but Lost was addictive.

Anonymous said...

Let's assume that the two islands are of similar size with similar resources. I'll stick with the group of seven that includes two elderly folks who are probably going to kick off soon anyway. Not only are my five remaining TV castaways going to be happier, but I'll have fewer story lines to follow.

Although I guess fifteen fighting over the only potable water would be more entertaining to watch.

Thomas said...

Lost, and if I could only be stranded with one member, Evangeline Lilly.

3GirlKnight said...

Two entirely different genres. Lost was a fantastic show. Didn't miss an episode. But I'm not sure I could live with all the seriousness. It would be much more fun to be stuck with g's crew. I vote for Gilligans island.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Having seen both and I grew up watching Gilligan's Island.. it was a funny yet campy sitcom and I'm surprised they haven't made yet another bad movie.. But Lost was more intrigue and mystery and some scary moments with that creature.. I missed a lot of the seasons and so because of that I will choose Gilligan's Island..

laura b. said...

Silver: That is an actual fun Fun Fact! Very cool. One for Gilligan's Island.

Silly: Aw! That is some way to remember when GI premiered! Interesting note about Hurley and good defense! One for Lost.

James: Now this is an intersting way to approach the problem. It is a numbers game! Yet I'm still not clear on which one you decided on, as they both had their pros. I'm guessing though - Two for Gilligan's Island.

Thomas: Thanks for stopping in and playing! And your defense is hard to argue with :) Two for Lost.

3GK: Yeah, I thought it would be fun to have two very different choices :) And laughter in a castaway situation sound pleasant. Three for Gilligan's Island.

Mrs: Camp vs Intrigue...classic match up. Good reasoning and Four for Gilligan's Island.

Everyone: Interesting deductive reasoning has brought us a score of 4-2 slightly favoring Gilligan's Island. It is never too late to have a vote, so feel free to add yours!

NoRegrets said...

Gilligan's! But only if I could be MaryAnn. I actually never saw an episode of Lost...

secret agent woman said...

Lost! Oh my God, so many gorgeous men.

Churlita said...

I've never seen Lost and Gilligan's island is basically the same episode over and over again. So, I'll go with Lost.