Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat!

It is Thursday, yet I am going to give you a Wednesday Choose and Defend.  Special Halloween edition!  Yesterday was far too crazy to get to my blog, but I don't think it is every too late to Choose and Defend :-)  So...Halloween.  What would you prefer to be doing?

Trick or Treating

Attending a Halloween Party

While you are Choosing, please feel free to enjoy my adorable models.  And remember, you can get or give candy for the Trick or Treat option...and, your Party option might contain harder drinks than those judgement here! :-)  Ready?  Choose and Defend (one day late, Halloween edition)!!!


secret agent woman said...

I want my kids to go trick-or-treating. But when they have moved on, I'd prefer a party. Generally, the Halloween parties I've been to have been on a weekend night that isn't actually Halloween.

3GirlKnight said...

I'm all for the socializing and games at the party. Besides the candy, which isn't a big deal to me, there isn't anything about T&Ting that appeals to me. Don't forget that it's around 40 degrees when it's T&Ting time here.

Tara said...

Trick-or-treating! At a party, you MIGHT stumble upon good candy - maybe a cookie. With trick-or-treating, you get a whole bag full of various goodies.

NoRegrets said...

Right now, the anonymity of going door to door sounds good to me.

FW said...

At the moment I'd say Trick or Treating. I have to take my son to a Halloween party tomorrow, so if it goes well I might have to revoke my decision.

laura b. said...

Secret: So...I'm going to put you down as - One for Party.

3GK: How do you people live? haha! I don't understand cold weather :-) Two for Party.

Tara: Oooh, I like the way you think...where's the loot? One for Trick or Treat.

NoRegrets: It is nice to move about in disguise every once in a while. Two for Trick or Treat.

FW: How was that party? Good enough to switch? Three for Trick or Treat.

Everyone: Looks like Trick or Treating beats out Partying by one slim vote. Anyone else? How do you/did you/would you want to celebrate?