Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sorry I'm Late, But I Have a Great Excuse!

Well, no, I really don't.  It was just one of those days yesterday and I never had a chance to post for Choose and Defend Wednesday.  So today will feature a special Thursday edition of Choose and Defend.   Let me start by saying that I assume everyone in the entire universe drinks soda at least once in awhile (that'd be "pop" for my readers in the Northeast)  :-D  So, given that assumption, I also assume you have a favorite.  There are so many varieties of soda, but we here at Choose and Defend are not into multiple multiple choices.  In general, you get two to choose from.  So we'll do it like this...  Do you prefer:


NOT Colas

Fair enough?  It will have to be!  So now is your chance, late but here at last, to Choose and Defend.  And of course you must feel free to get specific in comments.  Thanks!


3GirlKnight said...

Ewww to both.

As he takes a swig of his Pepsi.

I suppose I should vote for cola as that's what I choose more often than not, but I like Squirt as a mixer or by itself.

I wish Sprite would be eradicated from the face of the planet. I don't know how many disgusting times I've accidentally grabbed my girlies cup instead of mine. Gross!

Yes, time can be disgusting.

Ananda girl said...

Um... well, I'm going for Coke, because its not as sweet as other colas. But like 3GK up there, I do like an occasional Fresca or Squirt.

Isn't it funny about the pop vs soda thing? In Cal where I grew up, we drank soda. I moved north and people would look at me funny when I asked what kind of soda they had. A victim of my habits, I still call it that and get funny looks.

secret agent woman said...

Hmm. I drink diet coke when I'm driving long distance to keep myself awake. But I'm going to go with non-cola only because the only soda I ever drink (and not all that often) just to be drinking it is diet rootbeer. I never drink regular sodas of any variety because I find them sickeningly sweet.

Tara said...

I do like both, but I guess since Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew are two of my favorites, I will choose Not Cola as my final answer.

Now asking me to choose between Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew is a different story and much more of a challenge.

Churlita said...

Cola - cherry Coke to be exact.

Churlita said...

Cola - cherry Coke to be exact.

laura b. said...

3GK: ha! You have very strong feelings about Sprite! For some reason, I have seldom had is very citrus-y, right? I'd probably be into it, so to speak. One for Colas.

Ananda: I like the pop vs. soda thing :-) Sometimes I say pop, because it sounds so cute, but people around here are NOT feeling it. Two for Colas.

Secret: I have a pretty good sweet tooth going on, so sweet sodas aren't a problem for me. But I know quite a few people who feel the same as you and prefer diet just for the taste. One for Not Colas.

Tara: haha! A special Tara edition of Choose and Defend - Dr Pepper vs. Mountain Dew :-) I happen to be a HUGE Dr Pepper fan. Two for Not Colas.

Churlita: Oh, nothing like a good cherry that is sweet! Three for Colas.

Everyone: We've got a narrow lead with Colas over Not Colas at 3-2. If you didn't get a chance to name your poison...well, do it!

FW said...

I have to go for the Colas, I don't exclusively drink colas but they are my favourite I think BUT it has to be ice cold. There is nothing worse than lukewarm cola.

laura b. said...

FW: Oh, I agree...not a fan of warm soda of any sort. Four for Colas.

NoRegrets said...

Not colas, in part because I can't take the caffeine (non caffeinated ones just aren't the same). But I do love a sip of coke now and then...

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: I wouldn't like to give up caffeine...maybe that means I should! Three for Not Colas.

Everyone: Colas continue to lead slightly 4-3!