Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Years

Champion breeder of all who attended this reunion.  I was grateful for the pictures on the nametags...
this is how I looked Senior year...and in Kindergarten.  People really don't change, basically. 
I can't believe I just attended my *30th* High School Reunion.  I guess that makes me officially old...but I don't feel old!  And I have to say, everyone really looked fantastic!  I hadn't been to any of the other reunions.  At the 10 year reunion, I had three very young children...seemed like too much hassle to try to get away, even for one evening.  (You may already know that WTG wasn't that into being helpful like that.)  I had actually planned to go to my 20 year reunion, but that was the point when my marriage was really coming undone, WTG threw a HUGE fit about it and I just gave up the fight and didn't go.  But THIS time, I was so there! 

I went early and arranged to meet a friend and her husband for drinks.  I hadn't seen her since high school, but talking with her, it was like no time has passed.  And I actually wish I had had more time to talk to others one on one as well...I think I'm really more comfortable like that.  We had lots of good laughs about our kids, stories from school...we both love the one where when we were in 8th grade our math teacher thought it was a great idea to put us and another Laura at the same table.  He enjoyed saying, "Laura" and watching us all look up.  Awesome :-)

She didn't stay for the actual reunion, so I had to go it on my own.  I admit, it was a bit overwhelming greeting all these people in such a large group.  I honestly fell out of touch with almost everyone right after high school.  I met new people in college (with whom I have also fallen out of touch) and then started my family so young that I just didn't put in the effort.  Thank goodness for Facebook and the ease of reconnecting nowadays!  It was interesting seeing people I was once quite close to and almost just as interesting talking to people with whom I never hung out with then, but seeing that we could totally be friends now.  I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world. 

I ended up winning a few raffle items...a Workman Lobos lanyard, a $5 Domino's card, a $20 Starbucks card...and I was the hero of my table when I won a bottle of Cuervo gold.  I passed that off to a couple of more adventurous couples who were sitting near by...they would appreciate it much more than I.   I was surprised to win the title for "Most Children".  I mean, is 5 really that many?  I guess maybe people with more were saving their money for other things besides high school reunions :-)  Anyway, attending my 30th reunion was an amazing experience.  They sent around cards asking if we'd be interested in a 35th and I was all in.  The fact is, I was anxious about going and nearly talked myself out of it several times.  I am so, so glad I went though. 


Tara said...

Hey, congrats on all the prizes!

I talked myself out of going to a few reunions. When my five year reunion came around, I was working at McDonald's and wasn't completely ready to tell people about it. I was kind of embarrassed, which was a little silly, but true.

Then when the ten year one rolled around, they had it set up in a sports bar. I was working at my current job at the time, but I was hot and had a headache by the end of the work week. I talked myself out of going to that one, too.

I've been in contact with the people who I had fun with back in high school, and that was without an official class reunion. Then of course there's Facebook! :)

Pamela said...

so glad you went and enjoyed.
and yes, 5 is a lot.
especially these days.
or even those days.

what is a workman lobos lanyard?

Churlita said...

How fun. I went to my 20th, just out of curiosity,but I'm so glad I went too. It was a blast.

laura b. said...

Tara: You and I are both good at talking ourselves out of social events sometimes! But it seems like you have been able to stay in touch with a number of people, which is great. I bet you'll be up for your 20th in a few years :-)

NoRegrets: Thanks! I don't know...I grew up in this Mexican neighborhood where there were a lot of really big families. I always felt a little stunted with just one sister :-) But things change, for sure.
You one of those keychain sorts of things you can hang around your neck? It is black and red and sports the name of my high school and the mascot - Workman Lobos. Wooooo!

laura b. said...

Churlita: We were writing at the same time :-) Did you have to travel to go to your reunion? I'm glad mine was close or it would have been another reason not to go.

secret agent woman said...

My 30th is in another year, but I haven't gone since my 10th. I'm glad you had fin and raked in some prizes.

laura b. said...

Secret: Do you think you'll go next year? Now that I've been to one, I feel more willing to go to another.