Monday, July 26, 2010

You're Waiting for a Train...

Oh.  Monday.  Hey.  Somehow I wasn't expecting you quite so soon, but I guess you're actually right on time.  *sigh* 

So, how about some Fresh Hell updates?  What has laura b. been doing to set the world on fire?  Let's review -

- Girlie Girl got a job.  Yay!  Last week she started as a Courtesy Clerk at Albertsons.  She is the third tribe member to be an Albertsons employee.  Secret Agent Man works in a different location, in the Deli.  Social Animal worked at the one closest to us, where Girlie Girl is now, for just a few weeks right before he became an EMT. 

-Friday was one of my days off and I wasted it on a bad mood.  I got that way paying bills.  I had a couple of unexpected surprise charges on a couple of bills that threw me for a loop.  I was able to resolve the issues, but I was left with an unsettled, wound up feeling that I was unable to shake all day.  Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad and I did at least have a very nice lunch together.  Pad Thai..mmmm.

-Saturday at work was long and busy.  Our internet access was down, which sucked.  I mean, I am used to being connected!  Between that and my no Blackberry status, I was hurting a bit.  People were fairly nice about it and we didn't encounter too many critically unhappy patrons.  On the plus side, we had fewer children who couldn't find their parents.  Often parents will go off to use a computer, apparently forgetting they arrived with a young child.  So that was nice.  Also, although a lot of people came in, I don't think they stayed as long :-) 

Little Prince conked out at the park a couple of weeks ago.  He's so cute!
-As I was leaving work Saturday, Kick Back Dude asked me if I would take Little Prince for the night.  Apparently, they had farmed out the girls and thought they'd try to have a parents night out.  So I had good company Saturday night.  He is the sweetest little guy, so easily amused and good natured.  Also, it is fun to have just one of them at a time.  He stayed up late, got up early, but that didn't surprise me.  I can't believe he'll be two next month!

-On Sunday, Girlie Girl and I went to see Inception.  It was the Girlie's idea and I just sort of went along.  I'm so glad though, because I really liked it.  I thought the story was very well crafted, the visuals were quite stunning, and the actors were wonderful in their roles.  It is one of those movies I'd feel comfortable recommending to anyone, as it has the action / effects things going on, as well as a fairly intricate and interesting plot.  And the ending!  Ack!

-Now we are entering the last week of the Summer Reading Program here at the library.  Not to speak to soon, but it seems to have been quite successful and well received.  The teen volunteers worked out pretty well, with only two of the 35 or so, who totally flaked.  Staff didn't seem even a fraction as stressed as last year (which was a particularly bad summer for a couple of reasons).  And most importantly, the patrons seemed to enjoy the prizes and all of the programs we were able to offer.  And boy, it went by very quickly.

And....I guess that is it.  Just a lot of little thises and thats.  Nothing major going on at present, which seems fine to me.  I hope you had a good weekend, with big and/or small events that made it fun and rewarding.


FW said...

Aw sweet photo, I'm always amused at how young children can be full of life one minute and the next just asleep on a soft blanket. Great days! I hate it when something like unexpected charges puts me in a mood. I totally understand. At least the Thai food was yum.

Tara said...

Congrats to Girly Girl on getting a job! It'll be quite a learning experience for her working with various customers and their various moods. :)

I'm going to see "Inception" this weekend with my mom. I keep hearing great stuff about the movie.

secret agent woman said...

How sweet.

I want to see that movie, although I will rent it.

laura b. said...

FW: I would love that ability to just shut down. In fact, on my grumpy day a nice nap would have probably done wonders :-) And Thai food always helps too.

Tara: Thanks! She is really good with people and I do think this will be a great experience for her.
After you see it, tell us what you think!

Secret: Definitely worth watching one way or another.

Churlita said...

Isn't it great when they're employed? Nice.

Inception was very entertaining. I liked it a lot.

Sounds like a great weekend.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Four out of Five tribal children are now employeed. It is a good feeling :-)