Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday 5 - I Want the Fairy Tale

Happy Friday everyone!  I am off work today and trying to rest up because I have a huge program and way too much desk time at work tomorrow.  So, wish me luck with that, please :-)  In the meantime, let us divert ourselves with a really cute Friday 5.  Please feel free to play along on your own blog or in comments...and be sure to check out Tara's answers over at Eclectic Spaghetti!

Once upon a time.... 

1. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the knight in shining armor?  Women of my generation grew up and were taught that it was wrong to pin your happiness on a man...or wait to be saved by a man, your knight in shining armor, in the traditional sense.  I will confess, a part of me still wishes for that, would love to be saved by someone who would turn out to be the love of my life.  I don't think DR is my knight in shining armor as much as I'd like for him to be.  It just isn't his thing.  But I do still believe that in a sense, love can save you.  Clearly, I don't have a fun or funny answer for this question, as you have no doubt sinkingly figured out if you read this far :-) 

2. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the evil villain?  haha!  I'd love to put WTG here, but of course he is not really the villain in my life.  He's played a big role, no doubt.  Sometimes villain, but sometimes the knight or the fairy godmother even.  That cliche about being my own worst enemy is so, so true.  My ability to imagine the worst and to create circular arguments in my head is the real evil villain.   Bad, bad brain!

3. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the loyal, comedic sidekick?  I am more the sidekick type myself, not the Princess or the leading lady.  But my most loyal and comedic sidekick over the years has become my oldest son, Kick Back Dude.  It isn't that he is only loyal to me...he is loyal by character...and definitely comedic and definitely someone I've come to count on for a little down to earth advice.

 4. In the fairy tale of your life, what comes right after “Once upon a time…?”  ...there was an rather unassuming woman who had the power to feel with all of her heart.  It was both a blessing and a curse.

5. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the fairy godmother?  I think I've been lucky enough to have a few people looking out for me over the years.  My mom, of course.  She is always there for me.  When my dad acts in that capacity it is a nice surprise.  DR is watching over my heart, or at least trying to.  But one of my resolutions is always to do better taking care of myself and I am always trying to be my own fairy godmother and bring good things to myself.

Whoa, I got kind of heavy here and I apologize for that!  The questions just sort of brought it out in me.  There is a song lyric that says - With Beauty fading everyday, I'm waiting for Charming to carry me away.  Where's my happy ending?    Yeah.  Welp...have an enchanted weekend...and remember to think good thoughts for me tomorrow.


crazy4coens said...

Great work with the answers!

I don't even want to begin to touch them. All the answers in my head were way too heavy. I think the whole Fairy Tale thing is ... well, certainly out of control in my head.

laura b. said...

C4C: Thanks! Yeah, I thought it was so cute and then I started doing it and it got pretty intense :-)

secret agent woman said...

Hope your Friday went well.

I can only say my life has never felt like a fairy tale to me. Dark comedy is more my genre.

Churlita said...

One thing I learned in the last couple of decades, is that I've always had to save myself. And it feels pretty good that I've been able to do that. I would, however, love a partner in crime. But If I never find that guy, at least I know I'm fine on my own. How's that for getting heavy? Ha ha.

laura b. said...

Secret: Thanks, it was a good day. And I definitely feel the Dark Comedy flowing through my life too!

Churlita: Something about being compelled to think of our lives in such archtypes apparently releases our deep thinker thoughts :-) You're definitely a great knight in shining armor!

Tara said...

Hey, heavy is good, this was a thought-provoking meme! I love your answer to "Once upon a time".

I don't want to depend on a man to save me from everything either. One could rescue me from my occasional lonliness, though. I won't fight against it now.

laura b. said...

Tara: I really liked all of your answers. This did turn out to be more thought provoking than I'd first imagined.
We don't NEED men to save us, but having one around might not be so bad either :-)