Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So I'll Settle For One Day to Believe in You

Did you miss your Talk Talk yesterday?  Yeah, I know you were all weeping and gnashing your teeth...but never fear!  This Choose and Defend Wednesday will include some Talk Talk, just for you.   We all have to talk in the course of our daily lives and we all have our sort of signature style.  It is a generalization, but people will tend to see us as The Quiet One or The Rowdy One.  That can lead to requests from your audience and that (finally, finally!) is what I am asking about today.  When you are talking, do people most often ask you to....

Speak Up!

Tell us what they tell you!   And feel free to defend either your style of Talk Talk or the reason your detractors have their issues :-) 

Here is your Tuesday Talk Talk one day late: Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. - Friedrich Nietzsche  Do you agree?  Talk Talk!

AND Choose and Defend...because it Wednesday and because you need it, man, you need it!


KenV said...

I have an answer for this one. I think most people I've met have asked me to speak up at least once. Maybe not so much speak up, but speak clearly.

About the Talk Talk, I would lean the other way. I think it's far more likely to reveal who you really are by what you say than what you don't.

What's that saying? "It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your dumb than to open it and prove them right." I dunno...something like that.

MrManuel said...

I don't know if you could guess this about me or not, but I'm loud.

Churlita said...

I'm loud too. I'm the youngest of 4 kids, if I was going to get any attention, I had to be loud and I had to be funny.

Tara said...

This doesn't happen too much anymore, but people still tell me to speak up.

I'm trying to wrap my thoughts around that quote by Nietzsche. I suppose one could still conceal themselves even if they were talking about themselves too much. Depends on the subject matter (aside from the subject of themselves). I love the memes where it asks us to reveal stuff about ourselves, but usually they are just simple questions where you don't have to reveal too much. If it asks me an extremely personal question, I want to skip it.

Ananda girl said...

I am too loud for people to tell me to speak up... youngest of 5, I learned to be loud to be heard.

But I do agree with Nietzsche... you can talk about yourself to hide. I think that I often do as a way to distract and amuse rather than show how I truly feel. Yet I use blog world as a mask to protect me while I am free to be honest. Funny that.

secret agent woman said...

Wow, I really don't think I get either one. At work, I do more listening than talking, of course. I can be very shy when I don't know people. But with friends or in comfortable situations, I can be a little rowdy. And I laugh a LOT.

NoRegrets said...

Speak up! Because you know how meek I am.

laura b. said...

KenV: That saying about opening your mouth and removing all doubt is one of my personal favorites! And I don't think I'm surprised you are quieter, even though you're an authority figure. You don't seem loud. One for Speak Up.

MrManuel: haha! I had a little feeling about that :-) One for Shhhhh.

Churlita: I don't know for sure how loud you are, but I do know you are funny! You youngests :-) Two for Shhhhh.

Tara: I think you hit the thing about memes exactly right. You can tell all these little things about yourself, but it tends not to be terribly personal. Good call there. And I am not surprised by your Choose and Defend answer...I know you can guess mine too :-) Two for Speak Up.

Ananda: I have often wondered if blogging intimacy is a false intimacy, but it doesn't feel false...just, as you say intimacy with some protection I guess.
And see, look at you! Another youngest :-) Three for Shhhhh.

Secret: You are a very balanced person. I need a little more balance like that! So, no vote from the Secret Agent Woman.

NoRegrets: Hey! I think you are making little joke at me, no? haha! I am going to say Three for Shhhhh.

Everyone: With Secret on the fence, we have ourselves a tie, thus far. It isn't too late to tie break! So, for now, I will not say Shhhhhh to you, only Speak Up!