Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Girl, Be a Man

What do you think you are going to get to Choose and Defend on this fine Choose and Defend Wednesday?  What?  What?  Do you think today could be the day you are asked to Choose the agent of your horrible demise?  Yes!  That's it! 

I am not completely psycho or anything...I've just been sitting across from this display board at work for a few weeks now and I often have to laugh at how what is supposed to be a cheerful summer display reminds me strongly of something from a horror movie.  I'll show you tomorrow.  But for now, in honor of what I have to look at every day, here is your Choose and Defend -  I'm sorry to say, you're bound to die, friend.  I'm giving you a choice, though, of how you're going to go.  Will it be.....

Spiders (Arachnophobia)

Birds (The Birds)

Choose and Defend, if you dare.  Bwahahahahaha!


secret agent woman said...

Spiders, I guess. One bite, the poison sets in and you die quickly. But being pecked to death would be ghastly. (I saw The Birds when I was about 6, and it still gives me the heebie jeebies).

Tara said...

I choose birds. Spiders fight dirty, they have their toxins and their fangs and their discrete ways. Birds, at least I can see coming to a point. I can fight to the death in a blaze of glory (unless I get the bird flu...bastards).

One of my friends/coworkers and I were talking recently about "Arachnophobia" and we cringed and dreaded that movie more than we could laugh at it. So many spiders in Ohio look like the small, deadly ones that overtook Jeff Daniels' house in that movie. Too quick, too creepy. And yet we still watch the flick. :)

AlienCG said...

Birds, definitely. If I'm going down, I want to go down in a blaze of glory. No sissy, one-bite spider is gonna take me out. I'll go down getting pecked by hundreds of birds. BIRDS.

Churlita said...

Birds freak me out a little. They're just so dirty. I could see a quick poison spider bite. When I was a kid, we had black widows all over and we'd always have to be careful. There are hardly any poisonous spiders in Iowa.

KenV said...

"Be a man"...sheesh. I think I'm in the minority in that I'm just not much of a horror flick guy. I'm not big on getting scared for an adrenaline rush. But I'll go for a good zombie movie.

With that being said, if I could pick something, I'd say birds. But not the birds from "The Birds", but rather the birds from one of those Resident Evil movies. They'll just tear your flesh off in a couple of seconds.

(On second thought, I'm not sure if it's Resident Evil. One of those apocalypse movies though.

NoRegrets said...

Sorry, I guess I just went straight to the images - was scanning too quickly. I'd choose spiders since it'd be over quickly if there were a poisonous enough spider.

laura b. said...

Secret: It does seem like death by birds could take awhile, hmmm. One for Spider.

Tara: haha! I love picturing you heroically battling the birds :-)

I got a nasty spider bite recently that got all big and red and I worried about it a little...shudder! One for Birds.

AlienCG: Another fighter! I bet you'd give them a run for their money :-) Two for Birds.

Churlita: You're lucky you don't have to many poisonous spiders there. Do you ever see huge amounts of birds gathering in the corn fields? (haha! My image of Iowa :-D) Two for Spiders.

KenV: I'm not very into horror movies either...I do like psychological thrillers though. Anyway, I promise not to question your masculinity here :-) After all, you just created quite a visual with flesh tearing super vultures or something. Three for Birds.

NoRegrets: No problem! Just glad to see you around :-) Quick and clean, sounds good. Three for Spiders.

Everyone: I feel like we've had so many ties lately! That is actually pretty cool. We are all bloggers, but all we have our own idosyncracies :-) Anyone else? Don't be afraid to ponder your demise...bwahahaha!

FW said...

Birds for me. The insect world is like an alien world, I couldn't cope with spiders. Birds I think I could at least understand that they would be pecking me to death. Neither would be pleasant though, let's be honest!

laura b. said...

FW: There you are, my friendly tie-breaker! And it is true...death by animal attack would not be pleasant, but sometimes these things happen ;-) Four for Birds.