Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things to Do If You Go to Work With Your Mom

Begin reading a popular children's novel.

After a short time, move on to Guinness Book of World Records 2008. It is really the only thing worth reading anyway.

Try a bit of a couple different movies. Your library's movie selection kind of sucks, mom.

Insist that you must eat, even though it is only about 10:30 am. Mmm, El Pollo Loco!

Blow up balloons that you find at your mom's desk, then draw funny faces on them! See if you can get her to display them at the public desk.

Place Nancy Pearl and Einstein in a compromising position. Don't say anything, just leave them on mom's desk. She'll find them later and have a great laugh, right?

Finally, your mom will agree to take you over to the skatepark on her lunch hour. Yay! Success!

This day brought to you through the mind of Handsome Lad, a very busy 11 year old!


Lonely Paul said...


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

very nicely done..Handsome Lad has some great imagination..

MrManuel said...

Any day that has Pollo Loco in it really isn't a bad day at all!

AlienCG said...

Einstein appears to be getting a bit frisky. HL looks like he had a fun day with mom at work.

evil-e said...

very scandalous photo there....

The library probably does not have a good selection because I know people steal the good stuff. Thats too bad.

NoRegrets said...

Didn't know Einstein still could get it on!!! hilarious

Tara said...

I have this sudden urge to play with my action figures now. That is hilarious! I'm glad Handsome Lad was busy during that time. Heh.

I also like how he got food from The Crazy Chicken. :D

laura b. said...

Lonely Paul: Hello. Drop in again any time.

Mrs.: He is a very imaginative kid, for sure.

MrManuel: I agree completely!

AlienCG: Eistein couldn't resist Nanc's shushing finger action. HL had about 3 hours of good times and that was about all either of us could handle :-)

Evil-E: Naughty, right? haha! I guess the spending priority is for books and electronic resources, and yeah, things defintely disappear.

NoRegrets: Turns out he;s quite frisky. Even what appears to be a finger in the eye doesn't phase him...

Tara: I admit to doing things besides just looking at my action figures from time to time :-)
Do you have Pollo Locos there? It is soooo good!

*Renee* said...

LOL this is too funny. Or you could be like the Nationwide kid (best commercial yet) and go to the bank with your mom and stick food in that plastic container/and pencils in the air thingy that usually brings money your way.

laura b. said...

Renee: I love that commercial too! That would have been a lot more fun than playing with my action figures I bet :-)