Friday, August 15, 2008

Found Stuff

We always find things in library books. Often just junk, but even the junk can be interesting...old receipts, shopping lists, photos. On the super rare occasion someone will find money, woot! The other day I found this homemade birthday card...or actually part of a card, it appeared to have been torn in half. Complete with a little barcode on the back listing the price as 100.00. Here take a look:

It really tickled me because of the text, which is so typically teenage girl. It says:

Well, I guess Impy said it all... At least this isn't a book right? (about math...) Sorry I only got you this card...I was trying to use the computer but it broke down.. :( I'm gonna go to Hawaii sumtime in August, but w/ my fun. They have to rest, then eat rice, and when we finally get going, their ankles or another old person part starts hurting. This was such a cheerful B-Day card, rite? Emily 7-:3

I just can't help but like this girl :-) Ever found anything interesting or funny or valuable in some way? Tell me about it!


sica said...

You know cereal boxes come with toys? When i was young i always use to search the cereal boxes for the toys and like.. one day i didn't find a toy!

i think thats strange.. well sorry its not like valuble, or funny and i didn't find it.. but yeah. I was gutted!

love sica

evilesb138 said...

That is a pretty good find. Working in a library, I know you find a ton of religious items, holy cards, brochures, etc...right?

I bought a book of horror photography once and got a pamphlet that, in bold letters, told me that "YOU ARE A SINNER". I loved and use it as a bookmark now.

AlienCG said...

This is something kind of unique. I like the handmade bar code as well. What a funny find.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That's cute I think I like this girl too.. very forthcomcing and brutally honest.. he he he

Dinah said...

That's awesome. Since working at the library I've found tons of stuff, mostly just on the shelves. Sometimes it's lists of books with annotations, once I found a poem, and there are a bit of religious pamphlets of various kinds.

I love how ankles are "old person parts."

Tara said...

I think you're right about the note being from a teenage girl. I can sense a bit of sarcasm in her sentence about going to Hawaii with her grandparents..."so fun". Lol.

Great find!

Churlita said...

We used to find all kinds of stuff at the coffee shop where I worked. Once I found a bag of weed on the floor. Two of the college guys who worked with me, were very excited about that one.

laura b. said...

Sica: Actually, that is pretty funny :-) Stop in anytime.

Evil-E: You are so right. We find that stuff all the time. I get this little shiver of disgust and then I chuck it ASAP.

AlienCG: Yes, it seemed rather unique to me too. Made me laugh.

Mrs: hee hee! Kids are good at being brutally honest :-)

Dinah: I'm sure we've found many of the same sorts of things. The worst are those 'burn in hell' pamphlets. The best are personal notes, because I am nosy.

Tara: It sounded a lot like how my daughter 'rites' and talks. I told her about it and she laughed too.

Churlita: ha! I bet they were excited...and someone's heart was broken.

Michael said...

In a copy of "The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka" that I bought at a used book shop, I found a postcard that was postmarked in 1980. I should dig it out, take a picture and post it.

The message on the postcard was appropriately cryptic-I can't recall it, but it really made you wonder.

laura b. said...

Michael: Yeah, that sounds like an interesting little find. It is fun trying to figure out what someone could have possibly meant.