Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sure It's a Disaster, But It's a Natural Disaster!

This Choose and Defend Wednesday is going out in honor of the rockin', rollin' earthquake we experienced here Southern California yesterday a little before noon. Now, different areas are subject to different natural disasters. For the sake of simplicity, we will focus on just three of them. For the purpose of our Choose and Defend discussion, I am asking you to Choose the natural disaster closest to your heart, and as always, to Defend your choice! Don't think of it as something that could ruin your life...we don't get that serious here. Rather, think of it as a movie of the week and you are the star! What is your natural disaster?



Choose and Defend! Thanks for playing...and be prepared for anything :-)


evil-e said...

I would have to say tornado because it would probably cause the least damage. They are a little more hit and miss than a hurricane or earthquake.

This was a tough one.

MrManuel said...

Here is why I say earthquakes are the best, the reason I give all people who say they would never live in California because of earthquakes. Here in California, there is not a certain time of the year, EVERY YEAR, that we call earthquake SEASON!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Hurricanes are pretty destructive so I would have to say Tornados.. it comes in , does it thing (usually tons of damage) then its gone.... just like that..I choose Tornados..

Tara said...

I guess I choose tornadoes. I think we're on the outskirts of "tornado alley" and when there are tornado watches on the news, the excitement is in the air. But it's more like fear.

We have experienced some earthquakes, though, and those were mildly amusing since they were small ones. So they'd be my second choice.

AlienCG said...

This is a tough choice. On one hand, you have the somewhat unpredictable tornado, scourge of the trailer parks. On the other hand there's the completely, from-out-of-nowhere earthquake. We get the very rare one around here every many years, but never anything bad. I'm not a big fan of hurricanes, they only make things soggy around here for a few days.

I am going to choose the Tornado because I want to go on a chase one year (then it gets scratched from the list).

NoRegrets said...

Hmmm... I've experienced a hurricane. But I really want to feel a strong earthquake, so I'd choose that. I also want to see a tornado, but earthquake has priority.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: Good reasoning. Okay, one for tornados

MrManuel: It just so happens that I'm with you on this one...the devil I know, and all that...
So, one, two for earthquakes.

Mrs.: Tornados, eh...I am seeing a trend.

Tara: Ah ha! A definite pattern...another tornado person. And you have even chosen a second option! Bonus :-)

AlienCG: Very well thought out and with the noble goal of learning inserted. And...tornado it is.

NoRegrets: I like your sense of adventure! And one more for earthquakes.

Everyone: This turned out to be a close race between Tornados with 4 and Earthquakes with 3 (counting me). Hurricanes get no love. Anyone else?