Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fortune Cookie Say

By now, you must all know of my silly fascination with fortune cookies. Well, I had a couple left over from when we had Chinese take-out last Sunday, so I brought them to work with me for a snack. I have to say, the fortune cookies spoke to me deeply. I was as amazed as any slow child would be!

The first one said: Your present plans are going to succeed.
I was all, "Yesssss!"

Thes second on said: Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness.
Okay, that isn't really a fortune, is it? But anyway, I was all, "Yesssss!"

All in my head of course. I was sitting at my desk, in my place of business! Well, maybe I did do that little Napoleon Dynamite "yessssss" a tiny bit out loud. I don't think anyone heard me. Or, if they did, they were kind enough to pretend they didn't. Yessssss....


evil-e said...

did you try those with the "between the sheets"?

They are pretty funny.

I have to trust the cookie, they are so sweet and delicious...Homer

AlienCG said...

Good fortunes are always a good thing. I normally don't subscribe to the fortune cookie's, but they sound like they prophesized you.

Tara said...

Those are uncannily true of what's going on with you lately! It's freaky but in a good way, right? :)

If I talk to myself or make random celebratory shouts at work, I'm not usually too embarrassed. I figure I'm working with a bunch of fellow loonies anyway. ;)

NoRegrets said...

Did you see the fortune cookie monster cartoon I put on my blog?

laura b. said...

Evil-E: I always do "in bed" with my fortunes, always. And it always makes them better :-)

AlienCG: You are probably wise not to fall for the power of the cookie. I just cannot help myself and these ones were so good to me!

Tara: Yes, exactly! Freaky, but in a good way :-)
Yeah, I try not to worry to much about how insane I might appear at work. It isn't like most of the people here are going to win Upright Citizen of the Year awards...or something like that.

NoRegrets: I don't think so, and I kind of looked around for it, but didn't find it...

Greg said...

I also use the "in bed" at the end of my fourtune. It always spices them up just enough!

laura b. said...

Greg: We have to amuse ourselves somehow, right?