Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Promised More

Okay, I will expand a little on what I said yesterday. Here is what happened over the weekend, in brief, WTG called up the house Sunday morning and said we should find something to do out of the house, because the cleaning lady was coming over (even though she wasn't supposed to come until next weekend). Don't think I'm a lazy rich person for having a cleaning lady. She only comes twice a month to do a much more competant job than any of us seem capable of of deep cleaning the livingroom, the kitchen, and the two bathrooms. So, anyway, I'm wondering why WTG has her coming on a Sunday, but I really didn't think that much about it, truthfully. He does whatever whenever. I went to the bank to get her some $$, put in an envelope with her name on it, gather up the youngests and left the premises. A few hours later, I get another call from WTG saying she wasn't going to come after all, but had I left the money. I said yes and he claimed he couldn't find it anywhere. I told him where I left it and that was the end of that convo. The next morning he calls up and asks if I got into his wallet, as $40 was missing. Uh, no, of course not. End of call. Then when he comes in later, he accuses anyone sitting in the livingroom of creeping into his wallet in the middle of the night and taking part of the money that he had 'ta da!' miraculously found at some point...the cleaning lady's money...the one who didn't come. Okay, so now he has the money, but part of it is mysteriously gone. And by this point in the insanity I am feeling quite hesitant to ask for the rest of it back...to, you know, pay the cleaning lady when she actually does come next weekend...
So, apparently I am out double this time around and the whole thing was just extremely weird. I think, too, that he only told us she was coming to begin with to get us out of the house for the day (we don't like to be in the way, and plus we feel really awkward watching her clean, so we always leave when she's there).
I don't know...the whole thing just vexed me. And that is that story.
I have just started a new book called Intuition. Also I got one of my Amazon cds today. It is The Boy with the Arab Strap by Belle and Sebastian. I have only recently really become interested in them, so now I am adding them to my collection a bit. I have one more of theirs coming, plus I am replacing my wrecked copy of the first Ditty Bops cd along with their latest. I expect them all soon. I think that is all I ordered...yeah, that's it.
Whew, this has been a long one. Thank you for bearing with me. OH! Almost forgot, and how could I? Team C meets tomorrow, hallelujah!!!

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