Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Seems to be Time for a Mental Vacation

I have been feeling so down and tired the past couple of days. I did have my sweet little Team C event yesterday. I love that time and the way I feel when I'm with him. It is so quickly back to reality, though. Yesterday and today I have felt distracted and busy, but I think I am only feeling busy because I am so distracted if that makes sense. There is nothing but tension at home. It exhausts me so.
Then my son had his cardiology appointment today. I gratefully received the news that there is nothing wrong with him. They couldn't even find the murmur that the original doctor claimed to have heard. Ah, and does anything else really matter when you find out your child is healthy? It shouldn't, but still...
I am just so depleted emotionally that I cried today for the longest time when this new person at work asked me when I was "due". Okay, I'm not pregnant, of course, but I do have the residual pouch of five pregnancies. I could lose a few, you know? Given how fragile I was feeling today, I just didn't need that little oops moment. I'm sure she was embarrassed. But I felt like complete shit, believe me.
Ah, enough whining, right? I have a day off tomorrow. I pray that WTG will vacate or that I can find a way to vacate myself and perhaps by Saturday I will be feeling sassy again.

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