Friday, July 7, 2006

How It All Went

Last night...well, I have to give it mixed reviews. The concert was great fun. Entertainment and companywise the evening gets an A+. However, it just wouldn't be an evening out without the homestead apparently (but not actually) falling apart in my absence. I don't dare turn off my cell, because one of the kids could genuinely need to get ahold of me. I sometimes long for pre-cell phone days when you could just be unavailable legitimately! So, I did, throughout the evening, get a series of unkind phone calls from WTG. Not sure why it is anything to him, but he cannot stand for me to have any fun at all. He kept calling with his various complaints about me dumping everything on him...blah, blah, blah... So, WTG gets an F, as usual for F-ed up behavior. Evenings like that I am almost ready for making the move to someone's couch or whatever in order to give up what sometimes seems to be an impossible living arrangement.
Okay, enough whining. The Shins and Belle & Sebastian put on sweet little shows. The Hollywood Bowl is always such a nice venue, especially on these warm summer evenings. The people we went with, really Milly's friends, always make me feel like I am their friend too and I appreciate that very much.
I just picked up a new book today. It is called Big Cats. I first became aware of this short story collection when reading an article about Rainn Wilson, who I adore. Holiday Reinhorn, his wife, was mentioned in the story and I thought the girl married to Rainn couldn't possibly be anything but a fab writer. I am enjoying the collection thus far, for sure.
Well, the weekend is upon us. I wish you all a great one. You deserve it!

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