Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Did You Celebrate Your Independence?

Yesterday was Independence Day and I couldn't help wishing for my own independence. Not exactly is more obscure than that. I am independent, as far as it goes, but I can't help feeling that there are still plenty of things holding me back (um, no, not my children!) But, it is something to strive towards and it is always good to have ambitions :-)

Up to a point it was a good holiday. WTG and I did manage to get into a fairly nasty fight, which always affects my littlest son the most as he always seems to be nearby, while the others are so busy. Fortunately little guy and I were invited to go out to a fireworks show with my sister and nephew. When we got to the stadium, my nephew, who is 15 took my son inside the venue to watch the monster truck and motocross show while my sister and I sat out in the parking lot talking. When the firework portion of the show started, the boys came back out and we all sat in the parking lot watching. It was a lovely show, but seemed so short. At any rate, we all had a pretty good time in the end and were pleased that the day wasn't completely trashed. The other kids were occupied having fun with their friends in the case of sons #2 & 3 and with each other and the mini family in the case of son #1 and my daughter. WTG sat at home alone stewing in his evil juices. WTG can go f*ck himself.

When I came in this morning, I talked briefly to Team C and we are hopeful about getting ourselves together next week. Man, a meeting would be so good right about now. As for that Swordsman, he is around and about online, but an actual face-to-face is looking distant, all obstacles considered. I can live with the wait.

Once again, I find myself searching for something to read. Over the weekend I read Daniel Isn't Talking. It was quite good, but now I'd like to find something a little more....I'm not sure. I'll just have to have a look around I guess.

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