Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Day I Broke Even

Howdy. This morning was our staff Holiday breakfast, complete with omelette bar and gift exchange game. The omelette was, eh, you know omelette-y. I did suck down my share of coffee, I'll say that much. I ran out this morning to get something to bring to the gift exchange. I ended up getting this furry Christmas moose and a big box o' Hershey's Treasures chocolates. The spending limit was set at $15 and counting the fancy bag, I was right about there. I ended up, after several snatches and trades, with this tin of Starbucks hot chocolate mixes and a teeny Boyd teddy bear. I was okay with that, although I had my hands on a Borders gift card and a little boom box earlier. Anyway, DMB3 decided she could use the Starbucks cocoa for she traded me the $15 cash she had ended up with. So. Today is the day I broke even.

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