Friday, May 27, 2005

She Blows It!

Yes, its true. And it was great. haha! Just a smidge of juvenile humor there... Anyway, I already departed from the good intentions I had to be consistant with my blogging efforts. I drop a tiny note Wednesday, followed by a fat NOTHING on Thursday. Ah, well. Oh, and to top it off...that secret mission on Wednesday? The one I promised you details on? Not gonna happen. I decided to keep this secret mission really secret. I can say, however, that the mission was a complete success thanks to the amazing efforts of those who participated. Thanks Team C.

Okay, on to new there any? Not much, I fear. It is a nice quiet Friday at work. I am looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend that officially begins when I walk out of this building at 6pm. Such a treat to have 3 days off in a row! I am hoping that I can really use the time wisely, doing important things such as sleeping, sitting in the sun, watching movies, eating, and reading. I think I am going to try As Cool As I Am. Fingers crossed! The bad part about long weekends is the extra time away from my long distance love. It is all about the email for us, really. Since I don't use the internet at home, we are out of touch. Thinking of him brings me great pleasure, so at least I have that...and I like to imagine that he is thinking of me too.

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