Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pirate Reader

I finished my little pirate book today. It's only a tiny scrap of a thing, but so much fun crammed between the covers! Now I have to think about what I want to read next. It is inconceivable that I be without something to read. Honestly. I try to remember to bring something home from work, I have a couple of magazine scripts, I read two newspapers each day, I have my collection at home awaiting the in-between new book rereads. I'm sure there is some addictive component to my personality that causes the compulsion to read...and there is an obvious desire to escape reality. I guess there are worse compulsions. After all, its not like I miss work to go out on reading binges...I've never blacked out...possibly I am just a social reader! Yeah! Well, no...I guess it is not such a social activity. Works for me, as I am not a spectacularly social person all in all.

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