Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lunch @ LeRoys

My best girlfriend, Milly, and I are making a concerted effort to become regulars at one of our favorite close-to-work restaurants. Our schedules often do not coincide, but when they do, we have lunch together. We switch it up occasionally, but THE place for lunch is LeRoys on Huntington. Here is what someone random has to say about LeRoys
They are only open breakfast and lunch hours. I ONLY eat breakfast there. As a rule, I don't care all that much for breakfast, but at LeRoys at lunchtime it is a dream divine. For about $8 (including a drink and nice tip) I can get a couple of scrambie eggs (not a huge egg fan, but theirs are good!), bacon (apparently they just grab a handful and drop in on your plate), a MOUNTAIN of crispy tater tots (I always have, like, half leftover), and two pieces of toast (of which I can eat one w/grape jelly). Something about the place is just so cool. The people that work there truly make the difference. They are so friendly and accommodating! Plus, there is all that delicious food at reasonable prices.
So, if you are ever in the Arcadia/Monrovia/Duarte area have breakfast or lunch at LeRoys. Tell them the Librarians sent you!

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