Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Remember When You Stole My Girl

Life in a busy library's busy children's room on a Saturday. It is a hive of activity. This leads us right into my Saturday Scavenger Shots post! This week's word was chosen by the orginator of this little game, Evil-E. Evil-E stopped blogging at some point, but he has a brother who may know him as AlienCG or Jasen @ Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections :)  The word chosen is BUZZ.

I've had a couple of days to think about this word. I must have forgotten about it yesterday evening, when I deliberately whisked a bee out of the house as it struggled towards the lamp bulbs. I had a bee and I didn't take a picture of it!!! Drat. 

So, I had to go with the other things that are causing a BUZZ around my place most recently.

Here is sullen teen Handsome Lad trying on his Homecoming attire. I might be a little biased, but doesn't he look like he could get the ladies BUZZing? 

Of course we are all a-BUZZ with our Halloween plans. The parties have already begun. Here is Girlie Girl out last night as a hot lady pirate. She doesn't turn 21 until January, so she better not have gotten BUZZed and yo ho ho-ing on rum!

Ah well. I admit that I stretched for this one. But I love these photos and I figure that must count for something. Give me a BUZZ if you'd like to lodge a complaint. Or if you just want to congratulate me on my mad stringing unrelated thoughts together skills. 

As a bonus incentive to anyone else who chooses a word for next week, Jasen is offering $5 in McDonald's coupons to the first person to suggest a word. Can you really pass that by? BUZZZZZZZzzzzz......


Jasen Buch said...

The pictures of the kids are always perfect for every word. Yes, I also agree with you that anyone under 21 should not drink. No getting BUZZed Girlie Girl.

Yes, you heard correctly, too. I have $5 in McDonald's gift certificates for the next person to choose a word. They are from 1996, but they never expire. I found them in my file cabinet.

laura b. said...

Jasen: You are kind to say so :) Here's hoping the is the historic week when we get a word from someone besides me or you! (Although thank you to Evil-E from last week)