Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And If I Had a Nickel for Every Damn Dime

Choose and Defend Wednesday has snuck up on me once again. This week I scoured the interwebs for ideas and found the one I decided to pose to you in a BuzzFeed post.  You only have one, brief life to live....or do you? What if you had this choice?

Would you rather live...

One 1,000 Year Life

Ten 100 Year Lives

What do you think...and why do you think it? Choose and Defend. It is your life (or lives)!


Secret Agent Woman said...

No wait... in the second option, would you get to remember the other lives? And in the first, would you be really old for the last 900 years of your life? I think I'm going with 10 100 year lives, just because you get nine chances to start over.

3GKnight said...

If you couldn't remember the previous lives, I can imagine by about year 400 everything would seem really familiar. "Huh, I swear I've passed through this birth canal before. Did I get turned around?"

I think I'd pick the 10 lives too.

laura b. said...

Secret: I like to let you guys work out all the little details and go rather broad :) One for Ten 100 Year Lives.

3GK: haha! Deja vu all over again! Two for Ten 100 Year Lives.

Thanks for responding you two. I appreciate it so. You guys win the internet this week :)

BrightenedBoy said...

Depends. How would ageing work in the 1,000-year life? Presuming one would be eternally young--as opposed to middle aged or elderly--for a millennium, I'd give serious weight to that one.

Otherwise, I think it would be the ten 100-year lives. Can you imagine the sorrow of living a thousand years and seeing everything and everyone you love perish again and again and again?

FW said...

Interesting question, the loneliness and isolation of living such a long life puts me off. It's going to be 10 lives lasting 100 years for me too.

laura b. said...

BB: It does seem like one very long life is just too overwhelming to consider, doesn't it. Three for Ten 100 Year Lives.

FW: That is definitely the consensus. 1,000 years straight is just too much for one singular life it seems. Four for Ten 100 Year Lives.

The lead for a series of long lives over one super, extraordinarily long life is increasing. I can see why.

NoRegrets said...

I would like to know I was living the lives... Thing is, living for 1000 years kind of depresses me - all the bad things over time. Ack... does that tell you mood or what?? So, 10 100 years.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: At first, I was surprised this turned so one-sided. But as everyone has spoken about it I can see that 1,000 years is mostly just a depressing proposition. So interesting! Five for Ten 100 Year Lives.