Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday 5 - ID

Hello from the world of Friday 5  I'm going to need to see some ID before we can proceed any further. Yes, this Friday 5 is about identification. Let's begin -

1. What was the last t-shirt you acquired because it identified you as a member of a specific group? (you know, like a faculty t-shirt if you’re a teacher, or a class t-shirt if you’re a student, or a volunteer t-shirt for some event you helped with…) Every year we get to choose a new city employee shirt. I have quite the collection and just got a new one a couple of weeks ago.

2. What was the last event for which you filled out a HELLO MY NAME IS nametag? The last thing I wore a nametag for was probably a library performers showcase. It has been a couple of years though. Guess I don't get many chances to wear my name on my boob these days :(

3. Besides websites and personal computers, how many things do you have passwords or combinations for in order to prove you’re authorized? The doors that leads to the Tech Services area at work.

4. What was the last thing you wrote your name on so that people would know it belonged to you?
The sample art project I did for Toddler Time.  Trust me, if I didn't label it you wouldn't know if it was mine or a toddler's.

5. What was the last thing you put your name on so people would know you supported a cause, or were a member of a side? I believe something regarding legalizing same sex marriage. It would be so cool for each and every state in the union to join the 21st century.

Now my identity is confirmed! Do you Friday 5?  You certainly should give it a try! Hope to see you tomorrow for a Saturday Scavenger Shots post. Just follow the TRAIL.


Secret Agent Woman said...

This one stumped me. Last one I remember is a shirt for a service sorority I belonged to in college. I'm not really one for membership shirts. Don't remember the last name tag - I have a vague memory of going to some event in the last several months and wearing one. No passwords other than my phone/computer. I have keys to my office and the bank building where it is located. Hmmm. A book? I don't know. How about every progress note, intake form, letter, etc I have to sign every day? FB membership in some local progressive groups for the last one.

laura b. said...

Secret: One free shirt a year and it has to be about the job. *sigh*
I think all of that work paperword definitely counts as stuff you have to identify as yours!
You always give great answers to Friday 5. Thanks Secret.