Saturday, October 5, 2013

Have a Snack

Like, you know, maybe some TRAIL mix? Yeah, this week's word, choosen by me at the last instant, is TRAIL. I knew I had some nice TRAIL pictures on hand, as long as we don't choose to mind the most literal interpretation ever. I have pictures of various TRAILs, as hiking is one of my few active activities...and I haven't even engaged in that active activity for awhile now!  But I still have pictures. You may look at them - 
This is a little rock bordered TRAIL up at the wilderness park in Arcadia, near where I work. It invites you for a stroll.

Here is a narrow TRAIL through the pretty green growth of the park that DR and I used to hike on a lot. It is near our house. For several months the whole of the property was sort of hard to get to, as a dog park was being constructed at the foot of the little hilly area. Now it is open again and will soon be not so hot, maybe we can begin hiking this TRAIL again.

Here is DR walking the flat part of the TRAIL at the top. I'm just the photographer, along for the views.
Hope you enjoyed today's TRAIL mix. Seems I will not get any takers, but I still invite you to pose a word. I'd love the challenge of a fresh new word :) Thanks! 


Jasen Buch said...

It looks like you have some beautiful walking TRAILS in your neck of the woods. Having just returned from NorCal, I can tell you that that beauty does go on for miles. Excellent photos.

laura b. said...

Jasen: There are so many places very close to me that I can walk or climb hard. I'd love to do some traveling and explore some different trails :) Thanks!

Secret Agent Woman said...

You know I love a good hiking trail!

laura b. said...

Secret: It went nicely with your hiking post :)