Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So I Held My Breath

Time for some Choose and Defend Wednesday. Wednesdays come and go, but not without a Choose and Defend to get through first! This week, you get to travel again - time travel! And don't concern yourself with all those picayune details about how time travel mistakes could change the course of history. Just, whatever. You have a choice to make, and a defense of that choice to follow up!

Would you rather go and visit -

Your Ancestors

Your Descendants

It is totally up to you how far back or forward you go. Feel free to tell us about in your comment. Who gets the pleasure of your company? Choose and Defend!


Jasen Buch said...

The future is yet to come and I like a good surprise. I've always been curious about my roots. Who were the people in the old home movies and passed on stories from my parents' childhood? I would love to go back and see my ancestors in their own time. MY ANCESTORS.

Secret Agent Woman said...

My ancestors. Because what if something horrible happens and I have to find out that my great-grandchildren have been enslaved or imprisoned or victims of a nuclear holocaust or some such? Yes, fear drives me to choose ancestors.

laura b. said...

Jasen: You make a compelling argument! One for Ancestors.

Secret: Yikes! Okay, that is indeed a frightening thought. Two for Ancestors.

Everyone: Cindy has cast her vote on Twitter for Ancestors too! So right now it is 3-0 Ancestors. No one wants to spoil future surprises...or horrors! It isn't to late to join in. Which would you Choose?

FW said...

Yep, the future scenarios are too scary for me too, so I'll vote for ancestors as well.

NoRegrets said...

Since I have no kids, I have no future, so the past it is!@

D. Luthor said...

My descendants have cool Android "Wonkabar" (generation "W") holographic projection tablets. My ancestors have mouths full of the results of pre 20th century dentistry. I will go with the descendants.

laura b. said...

FW: Seems there is a lot of pessimism about the future here :) Four for Ancestors.

NoR: Ah, interesting to note! Five for Ancestors.

D.Luthor: Right on! Finally, a wacky optimist in the group. Great answer. One for Descendents.

Now at 5-1, with Ancestors in the lead...but a strong supporter for the underdog!