Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Let Our Hair Grow Long

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

That's right! This week's Choose and Defend Wednesday is all about neighbors. We all have them. Maybe you live rurally, or just comfortably, and your neighbors are some distance away. Maybe you, like me, are an apartment dweller living cheek to jowl with your neighbors.

There are good neighbors. I have some myself. And then there are the dreaded bad neighbors. Everyone has a least one, don't they?

So, my question for you today is - Which bad neighbor would you Choose? And why? Tell us all about it!

Noisy Neighbors

Nosy Neighbors

Two bad neighbors, one choice. Which bad neighbor would you be more able to tolerate? Choose and Defend!!!


Secret Agent Woman said...

Nosy, without hesitation. In fact, my neighbors are a little nosy, but I know it also means they are watching out for me. They are very religious and I'm imagine they judge me for the wine bottles in the recycling bin and the men who have passed through, but I don't care. At least they are friendly. But oh my God, I hate noisy neighbors. It makes me crazy to have to hear someone else's music or worse, television. I don't care about kid-playing sounds, but I like peace.

Anonymous said...

Nosy. I am good at hiding out. Noise ruins the whole neighborhood... leaf blowers, lawn mowers, music, fake laughter, motorcycle owner/visitor, garbage/oil etc trucks. You know, other people's lives.
Cindy B

3GKnight said...

I pick nosy too.

See what I did there?

I cherish my peace and quiet. But I've never had nosy neighbors, so maybe I don't really know. Thank goodness. said...

I'm sticking with the flock and going with nosy. Noisy is so miserable, and nosy is kinda fun. You can mess with nosy but only tolerate noisy.

I'm not much on gardening or thongs, but it would be hard to resist bending at the waist while weeding just to hear the dry heaves on the other side of the fence.

laura b. said...

Secret: I agree that some "noise" like children at play are not objectionable. And as long as your neighbors keep their judgement silent, well that is okay too :)
One for Nosy Neighbor.

Cindy: Other people's lives can become very intrusive, it's true. Two for Nosy Neighbor.

3GK: Ah, I see what you did :-D Never had a nosy neighbor? That does sound lucky. Three for Nosy Neighbor.

James: haha! I guess I never thought of actively messing with the nosy. I need to up my game. Four for Nosy Neighbor.

Everyone: So far, we vastly prefer the Nosy to the Noisy. (0-4) Okay...that's not too vast, but you get my point.
Also, sorry about all the spam comments that made it though. Blogger is usually better at filtering :(
Anyway...any more real people want to weigh in? Please do.

FW said...

I choose nosy too. It's something that I find difficult to deal with without being rude. I have lived with nosy neighbours and they can be a pain but it is relative. I don't think I could cope so well with noisy neighbours. I hate noise at the best of times, especially when it's loud and I take it you mean loud and noisy neighbours?

Tara said...

Noisy neighbors, please! My apartment also has nosy neighbors who leave rude notes on cars who park too close to her car. No, I can deal with some romper stompers over my head. In fact, I kind of like some white noise every once in awhile.

laura b. said...

FW: You are on the side of the majority, for sure. People like their peace! Five for Nosy Neighbor.

Tara: I was starting to feel like maybe I was nuts...I am more offended by things, such as notes like that, than someone having a gathering on a Saturday night. One for Noisy Neighbors.

Now it is 1-5...let's count me and make it 2-5. Still, Nosy Neighbors are clearly in the lead :)