Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5.01 – The Fabian Strategy

Going through some sadness and feeling uncomfortably numb. In an effort to get myself going and cheer myself up, I am stealing this week's Choose and Defend directly from 30 Rock. Thus, the title.

Frank: Liz get in on this. Would you rather...

 ...have to start every sentence for the rest of your life with Urkle’s catch phrase “Did I do that?”
OR Siamese twins with Sharon Stone for a year

I don't know...something about this makes me laugh. And trust me, I really need a laugh. So even though this might be extra dumb, please play Choose and Defend Wednesday with me. Consider it a random act of kindness :)

Liz: No! It okay! No be cry!


Jasen Buch said...

Wow. Could I just refuse both of these and opt for multiple root canals without Novocain?

Okay okay, I'll pick. I'm annoying enough already, so I don't need a catch phrase before each and every sentence. I guess I'll take being Sharon Stone's Siamese twin for a year. It's only a year. A really, really long year. Stone's twin for some reason. Final.

Anonymous said...

I already start every sentence with "Did I do that?" so this is a no brainer for me.

My first thought on a conjoined Stone was lots of dirty schoolboy stuff, but what if we were connected at the hip? Or the top of the head? And what if my twin was Sharon Stone?

My only hope for surviving that year mentally intact would be that my evil twin was attacked by a kimodo dragon, or Joe Pesci.

Jill of Many Trades said...

Sharon Stone, no question. It's only for a year, right? RIGHT?!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stone because she has great tits.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Silly catch phrase. I'd just explain that I was crursed to say that for a year. But I while I have no feelings about Sharon Stone one way or the other, I wouldn't want to have to be anyone's Siamese twin (a non PC way of saying conjoined twin, by the way). But to be fair, the men should have to answer about being the Siamese twin of some make actor.

Secret Agent Woman said...

*male, not make

Tara said...

I'll pick the lesser of the two evils; to start every sentence with "Did I do that?" I'll choose that one.

I really, REALLY enjoy and treasure my own space, so I would hate being Siamese twins with anyone, even for just a year.

laura b. said...

Jasen: haha! You and your love of dentistry :-D One for Sharon Stone.

James: You thought this through! Good job. One for Urkel's Catch Phrase.

Jill: That's right. One year. Probably. Two for Sharon Stone.

Annie: Hopefully she's a sharer. Three for Sharon Stone.

Secret: I took this completely as worded on 30 Rock. My brain wasn't ready to be PC or to offer alternatives :) Two for Urkel's Catch Phrase.

Tara: This really was a lesser of two evils sort of question, for sure :) Three for Urkel's Catch Phrase.

Everyone: Oh my goodness. We have a tie of 3-3! We are going to have to get some more comments in here to tie break :)

NoRegrets said...

The pressure is killing me. I will say Urkel, as long as I don't have to sayit in his voice! I can mumble it really fast.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: You may mumble :) Four for Urkel's Catch Phrase.

Finally, tie breaker! 4-3 :)